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Operation Sea Lion - The Hungarian 1st Army Part 2

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Welcome to my second narrative piece about my Hungarian Army and my gaming groups story for WWPD's Operation Sealion campaign. Since my last write up I have changed the ideas of the narrative slightly as I misjudged the speed that the campaign would be moving, I have also played 2 games against Soviets (Who for fluff reasons I call Free Soviets) and British Paras.

The Hungarian 1st Army In Britain 1944 - May 13th - 27th

13th May 1944 - A Hungarian Panzer IV
knocked out of action by a Firefly
of the Irish Guards.
On the 13th May the Hungarian Armoured units finally arrived in the Bournemouth and Poole areas. General Jány threw them straight into the line in an attempted to carry on the encirclement of Christchurch. The assault, at first made good gains, but after a couple of miles they hit the heavily entrenched British 1st Para Division supported by forward units of the Irish Guards. This slowed the assault, at first to a crawl and then all but stopped any forward progress. Jány, furious that all the German units on either flank were making far better gains ordered 3 more attacks on the 13th May but all failed in their objective of getting to Christchurch and resulted in heavy casualties.

15th May 1944 - A Hungarian Stuka Squadron leader
briefing is men at Christchurch airfield.
The next day the situation took a surprise turn when the German 712nd Infantry Division broke through to Christchurch from the west and in doing so made the British position on the Bournemouth-Christchurch road untenable. This forced the Armour and Paras to quickly fall back before they became cut off. General Jány seeing an opportunity of redemption for his troops ordered a full scale pursuit of the retreating Allies. The extra pressure didn't turn the retreat into a rout but it did force the Allies to keep going to the next fortified line. The next line of defencive would be anchored on the New Forest, which the Axis forces reached just before night on the 14th. With the fall of Christchurch one of the initial goals of taking forward airfields was achieved. By the morning of the 15th May three Squadrons of Hungarians planes (one fighter and two dive bombers) had arrived and was getting ready for combat operations. The 15th itself didn't see much fighting around the New Forest The Axis forces spent most of the day trying to reorganise the units after 2 days of heavy fighting, while the Allies tried to bring reinforcements up to the front line. The Allies did try a few counter attacks but each one was repulsed with light damage done to the Hungarian or German forces.

Salisbury 18th May 1944 - A brief rest bite for the
inhabitants after Hungarian shells destroy most of the
In the early hours of the 16th General Jány was woken from his bed to recieve a telephone call. It was Field Marshal Von Rundstedt info forming Jány that an offencive operation in the Fordingbridge area was to take place that morning by the 712nd Infantry Division and that the Hungarian mobile forces were to be put in reserve to exploit any breakthroughs the 712nd managed to achieve. The Assault went ahead as planned and by 11am Fordingbridge was in Axis hands. Wasting no time Jány ordered the Hungarian 1st Armoured Division up the Ringwood-Salisbury Road, the speed and aggression of the assault caught the Allies by surprise and by late afternoon the Hungarians had reached the edge of Salisbury. The next day the offencive continued and made good ground everywhere but Salisbury. The Units in
Salisbury were well prepared to hold onto the town at all costs and didn't give up any ground. The following day saw no better results so Field Marshal Von Rundstedt made the decision to bypass the city. He put the Hungarian 1st Army in charge of the siege with orders to take it within the week. General Jány finally saw a chance to show how well his forces could fight , soon became a frenzy of activity and set about the task of taking the city. His plan was to shell and bomb the town into submission with a days continuous bombardment, dawn to dusk from Artillery and the Air. He was sure after this his Infantry could take the town in a days fighting. On the 18th the onslaught began, the Hungarian Air force made 300 combat missions as Stuka after Stuka dove from the sky dropping there deadly payload. 200 guns of the Hungarian Infantry pounded the city for 12 hours turning it into a ruined shell. The following morning the infantry walked into Salisbury and met only light resistance. General Jány's plan had gone exactly to plan and the town was in Hungarian hands by noon.
18th May 1944 - Hungarian Stukas on their way to
bomb Salisbury
The Hungarian flag flies above
Salisbury Cathedral

After receiving a telephone call of congratulations from Field Marshal Von Rundsted, Jány asked to rejoin the front line the next day. Rundsted thought the Hungarian forces could use time in reserve to recover but General Jány, not wanting to miss out on more chances of glory, re ensured Von Rundsted that this men didn't need the rest. This was a lie, after almost a week of think fighting. His men were worn out and many of the Hungarian tanks were in need of a service, but the Field Marshal eventually agreed and the Hungarians were on the Bristol boarder for the start of Operation Green Summer the assault on Bristol and Gloucestershire.

21st May - Wreaked Free Soviet T 34's from the fighting
outside of Bristol. Most of the tanks were knocked out
without the crews inside as they were caught up surprise.
Operation Green Summer kicked off at 5:15am on the 21st May. The Hungarians attacked a weakly held part of the line and by 7am were rushing towards Bristol, the Allies brought a Divison of Free Soviets to try and block the move but the forward units of the 26th Hungarian Assault Gun Division attack them while they were still forming up and quickly routed them from the field. As the Soviets tried to get to safety the Stukas of the Hungarian Air Force attacked, by the end of the day the Free Soviet Division all but ceased to exists as a fighting unit. With the massive whole in the Allies line caused be the destruction of the Free Soviets the Allied forces started to panic. With the lines in disarray the Hungarian 1st Armoured Division took Bristol without a fight in the Evening of the 21st. With that the Hungarian were finally taken out of the line for rest and re fitting.

May 26th - British Paras advance on the
Hungarians during the fighting at  the
village of Wickwar.
On the 26th May they were fully re fitted and assigned the task of mopping up pockets of resistance that were left after the Allied line collapsed at Bristol. In the disarray a few Allied units were left behind as the Axis forces poured through the hole created by the Hungarian destruction of the Free Soviet forces. The main pocket contained an old adversary of the Hungarians from the fighting around Bournemouth, the British 1st Airbourne Division. General Jány ordered the attack of the 26th May, the goal was the Village of Wickwar. The attack got off to a good start in the east where the Hungarian 26th Assault Gun Division broke through the lines and arrived at Wickwar on schedule. The same could not be said for the western attack where the Hungarian 1st Tank Division got bogged down in rough terrain and heavy fighting. The attack on the village was delayed to allow the Tanks to catch up, but by the new start time only a hand full had arrived. Fearing that the Paras were only getting stronger the longer the build up took General Jány ordered the attack with what had arrived. This turned out to be a mistake, with so few tanks and no Infantry support on the western attack. The British Paras assaulted the tanks close up and destroyed most of them. The Eastern force then took the full furry of the British defenders and soon found itself fleeing out of the village. With his forces too weak for a second attack and in danger of an Allied counter attack cutting them off, General Jány ordered a retreat. By the end of the day the Hungarians were pretty much back to their starting positions. General Jány started planning another attack for the next day but events in the north would make these irrelevant. The fighting in Gloucestershire was not going well for the Axis, their attack had been checked and now the Allies were strong enough to launch a major counter attack. On the 27th the storm broke and the Ally forces started pushing the Germans back. News arrived to the Hungarians that a Free Soviet Heavy Tank Division was heading for them, it was time to turn to the defencive.

I hope you enjoyed that, I'm really enjoying writing them! I hope to have another update in just over a week after a couple more games.

Thanks for reading Ben

Sunday, 27 May 2012

Operation Sealion AAR: Surrounded

My second game for the WWPD Operation Sealion Campaign and a chance to play one of my regular wargaming opponents Adam for the first time in a while. I will say sorry now if a few of the pictures are a little bit blurry, it was the Aviva Premiership final yesterday and so we wanted to get the game in before it, so I didn't check a few of the pictures on the camara as I went.

With the quick collapse of the Free Soviet Forces around Bristol the Hungarian Divisions have surrounded part of the British 1st Airborne Division on the outskirts of the town.

Mission - Surrounded
Points - 1750pts
Campaign - Operation Sealion

Hungarian Assault Guns
  • HQ Zrinyi II
  • 3 Zrínyi II
  • 3 Zrínyi II
  • 3 Zrínyi II
  • Assault Pioneers
  • 3 Tigers
  • 4 43M Rockets
1st British Paras
  • HQ + 2 Piats
  • Para Platoon
  • Para Platoon
  • Mortars
  • 4 6 Pounders AT Guns
  • 4 17 Pounders AT Guns
  • 8 75mm Artillery + Medium Support
  • Assault Platoon + Pait
  • Sporadic Typhoons


The table.

Thursday, 24 May 2012

Dragoons vs Puma's Counterattack

Whilst near the town of Frome, German forces on long range recon, have chanced upon the Manitoba Dragoons, currently trying to cover vast areas of land in somerset to alert others of the german advance...

Canadian Recon
  • Armoured Car Squadron HQ, IC and 2IC with 2 Staghound 3
  • Armoured Car Platoon Replace Ford Lynx scout car with a Staghound I
  • Armoured Car Platoon Replace Ford Lynx scout car with a Staghound I
  • Armoured Car Support Platoon 3 Squads, light mortar and PIAT - 4 White Scout Cars
  • Heavy Armoured Car Platoon
  • Armoured Platoon 3 Sherman V and 1 Firefly VC
  • Anti-tank Platoon (SP), 2 Sections
  • Light Anti-aircraft Platoon (SP) 1 Section
  • Field Battery (SP ), 4 Sextons
  • Limited Air Support
German panzergreadier
  • 3 Puma Plts
  • 3 Puma Plts
  • 3 Puma Plts
  • 3 Puma Plts
  • 3 Tigers
  • 3 StuHs
  • 3 SdKfz
  • HQ


Monday, 21 May 2012

Operation Sealion AAR: Breakout from Wiltshire

Hello all,

This is my first WWPD Operation Sea Lion AAR, in fact this is my first ever AAR! I hope you enjoy it and any tips would be appreciated. So to the Report:-

The Hungarian 1st Army has broken through the Allied front line and is heading towards Bristol, on the out skirts of the town their way is blocked by a Battalion of Free Soviets.

The Mission:- Free For All


ConfidentVeteran Rohamágyús Üteg
25th Assault Company
Hungarian Late-War
Rohamágyús Üteg HQ p.215
1Zrínyi II75
Combat Platoons
Rohamágyús Platoon p.215
3Zrínyi II225
Rohamágyús Platoon p.215
3Zrínyi II225
Rohamágyús Platoon p.215
3Zrínyi II225
Divisional Support Platoons
Harckocsizó Platoon p.207
2Tiger I E390
Assault Pioneer Platoon p.224
Cmd Pioneer Rifle/MG team
Pioneer Rifle/MG team
Rocket Launcher BatteryConfidentTrained  p.225
Cmd Rifle team
Observer Rifle team
150mm 43M rocket launcher
Company Points:1560
Source document: Grey Wolf

ConfidentTrained Strelkovy Batalon (Red Army)
Rifle Battalion
Soviet Late-War
Strelkovy Batalon HQ (Red Army) p.25
Cmd Rifle team
Komissar team
Combat Companies
Strelkovy Company (Red Army) p.26
Cmd Rifle/MG team
Komissar team
Rifle/MG team
Maksim HMG team
Strelkovy Company (Red Army) p.26
Cmd Rifle/MG team
Komissar team
Rifle/MG team
Weapons Companies
Strelkovy Scout PlatoonFearlessVeteran  p.27
Cmd SMG team
SMG team
Corps Support Companies
Tankovy Company p.22
5T-34 obr 1942275
Artillery Battalion (Red Army) p.138
Cmd Rifle team
Staff team
Observer Rifle team
76mm ZIS-3 field gun
Air Support p.141
5Limited Air Support Il-2 Shturmovik200
Company Points:1565
Source document: Red Bear


The Soviets cover the whole board!

Friday, 18 May 2012

The Road to FearNaught - El Alamein - DAK - Finished!

Hello All, The DAK are done! (Well bar a few decals...) I finished the trucks last night and the crew today. I'm not sure about have I feel the transports turned out, the Kubelwagons and the half-tracks were a pain to paint with my warn paint scheme. Also I think the Zvezda trucks might be a little bit big compared to the Battlefront transports; not to mention that they were also quite hard to put together and bent really easily. Having said that as I army I am very happy with how they have turned out and I'm really looking forward to the weekend and seeing them in action.

I wasn't sure about the blue windscreens at first, but I now think they
add a lot of colour and break up the model nicely.

A full grenadier platoon with transports.

HQ Kubelwagens and trucks for the HMG teams.
These now just need Decals...

The Army as a whole.

 So Fearnaught is 4 weeks tomorrow and my army is done, this feels odd as I can't remember the last time I have finished my army this far away from an event, I'm normally painting up units the night before. So I can put my feet up.... is what I would be saying if I didn't have a commission to get an Italian army painted up for the same event! well the first models turned up this week so I'll be painting them for the next few weeks. Lucky I have the week before Fearnaught off!

I also have plans to add a few more units to the army for both Early War and Mid War. At the moment I'm looking at about 10 Panzer II's, 5 Early Panzer III's, some artillery (probably 10.5cm leFH18) and then a Tiger or 3 (Think I might end up with a Tunisian Tiger company), but that's in my plans for next year.

On other news I will be playing my first Operation Sealion game on Sunday, when my Hungarian's take on a "Free" Soviet army. I hope to have an AAR up on the site either Sunday or Monday (more likely Monday) so keep your eyes peeled!

As always thanks for reading Ben

Sunday, 13 May 2012

British Paras vs German StuG Battery - Free For All

After securing the harbour at Christchurch in during the initial landings the German forces have made a thrust inland following a tributary of the river Avon. Paratroopers of the British 1st airborne have deployed from the nearby airfield by the village of hurn, their aim to delay the Germany's unroll reinforcements can arrive.

British Paratroopers
  • HQ
  • 3 Paratrooper Platoon
  • 3 Paratrooper Platoon
  • 4 Anti Tank
  • 4 Heavy Anti Tank
  • 2 Glider Pilot Platoon
  • Airlanding Light Battery
German Panzerkompanie
  • 2 Stug - HQ
  • 3 Stug
  • 3 Stug
  • 3 puma
  • 3 Panzergrenadier platoon
  • 3 Panzergrenadier platoon


Wednesday, 9 May 2012

Operation Sea Lion - The Hungarian 1st Army

Hello All

As you may well know WWPD are running a world wide Flames of War Campaign based on a fictional 1944 Axis invasion of Britain. As I have said in my last post on the subject I love world wide campaigns and as soon as WWPD announced the campaign I was straight onto my gaming forum coming up with ideas of what we should do with it. We decided to play out a narrative campaign about an attack on our home county of Dorset, mainly around the Bournemouth and Poole area. Once the decision was made I set about coming up with the background to my Hungarian army's invasion, (after all you need the background story and goals before you can play out a narrative) and worked on some visual aids.

To this end my goal is to create an almost historical text book report of my Hungarian army during Operation Sea Lion. I hope you enjoy reading this as much as I enjoyed writing it.

The Hungarian 1st Army In Britain 1944

General Jány meets with a
German Officer in the North
of France May 1944
With the war in the East over Admiral Horthy had looked forward to consolidating his country’s spoils of war and settling down for a time of peace. His country had lost a lot of men in the fighting in Russia and he knew Hungary needed time to heal the wounds of war. This plan became nothing more than a pipe dream as reports started coming in to Admiral Horthy about German plans to invade Britain in the summer of 1944 and that Hitler expected all of his Axis partners to aid in the effect to rid Germany of its last opponent in Europe.

To start with Admiral Horthy was against such a move, after all Hungary had no real quarrel with Britain and Horthy didn’t want to see any more Hungarians killed in “Hitler’s War”. Hitler put Horthy under increasing pressure and as the other Axis leaders started supporting the enterprise the regent was left with no option to agree. He called on General Jány to form up and command the Hungarian 1st Army for operations in Britain, but made it clear that General Jány was to try and keep the Hungarian involvement to a minimum. General Jány agreed to this plan but secretly harboured plans for personally glory and saw the invasion of Britain as his last chance to add to his battle honours; this would later turn into the Hungarian 1st army taking on some of the most dangerous missions of the Battle.

A group of German and Hungarian Soldiers
in France April 1944.
As the army formed up in France and started training for the invasion General Jány was briefed on the plans. The Hungarian’s had been designated an area from Poole Harbour to Christchurch on the Southern coast of Britain. The main goals of the 1st phase was to take the beach heads, tackle the formidable defencive at Christchurch (Christchurch had been designated an "anti-tank island" in the defence plans of Britain) and then push on and take the airbases at Christchurch and Hurn to aid resupply and grant the Axis forces better air support for the following phases. Once these 1st phase plans had been achieved the Hungarians were to meet up with the German 6th Army at Bristol in a massive encirclement of the British forces in the south.

A knocked out British Cromwell Tank. The tank was
knocked out in the street fighting around  Bournemouth.
The Invasion kicked off on the 12th May 1944. The first waves of the Hungarian infantry took their initial beachheads at Bournemouth and Poole with little resistance, but at Christchurch they ran into a whole host of problems. A mix up with the landing crafts meant that most of the heavy equipment designated for the Christchurch beaches ended up on the Bournemouth and Poole beaches. What little equipment did arrive was bloody and mauled as it reached the beaches by the defences. General Jány quickly tried to regain the initiative and order the Bournemouth beachhead forces to circle around and out flank the Christchurch defences, but as they set off they ran into the 1st British Airborne Division and got bogged down in savage street fighting. General Jány realised that a quick breakthrough was not on the cards and so decided to wait for his armoured forces to arrive in the 2nd Wave.

The story will continue after my first game and will include with an AAR.

Thanks for reading Ben.

Wednesday, 2 May 2012

The Road to FearNaught - El Alamein - DAK - Situation Report

Hi All

Thought I would post up a quick situation report of were I am with the army. Well I was quite surprised to realise I have almost finished my Fearnaught list! I still have quite a few extra bits to get down for when I turn teh army into an EW and later MW DAK but my initial goal of Fearnaught is almost there.

My army as it stands, 5 out of the 6 platoons done (well bar transports).

What I have left to do:-

 SdKfz 10's for my 2 Pak 36(r)'s

Opelbltiz Trucks for my Grenider Platoons

SdKfz 223 (Fu) and SdKfz 222 (2cm)

The only bits I still need to buy is five Kubelwagen for command stands. I'm very confident I can get all of this down on time, even with my first painting commision due for the same event (an Italian army).

As always thanks for reading.


Tuesday, 1 May 2012

Operation Sea Lion- A Global Campaign!

Hello All

As most of you will know WWPD is running a world wide FOW campaign based on a factional 1944 invasion of Britain. Now as someone who loves campaigns and is a veteran of many GW Global campaign I'm really looking forward to this! It's always a good chance to play more games and as I have just finished my Hungarian Assault Gun Company and have been a bit disappointed that I haven't played more games with them I will be jumping at the chance to play more games.

 If you haven't seen it yet you can sign up here -

The WWPD Forum page is here -

Now to sort out my first game, look out for a AAR soon!