Saturday, 28 January 2012

Late War Hungarians - Part 2

Hello All

A quick update on my Late War Hungarians. Part 1 can be seen here. I have painted 3 Zrinyi II's. I really enjoyed painting them and they were really quick! I painted them to look like they had been in the think of the fighting for a few months and are in need of a refit and clean. I was inspired to do this as everything I have read about the fighting in 1944/45 Hungary is constant attacks form the Soviets and units that keep getting throw into the front line.

3 down 7 more to go.

The green is Reflective Green base, washed with Badab Black and then dry brushed with Reflective Green with a few extra lays mixed with White. I then used Mithril Silver to paint chips all over the hull. The dirt around the sides and the bottom is dry brushes of Scorched Brown, Bestial Brown, Bleached Bone and White, then careful washes of Badab Black and Devlen Mud to break up the dirt.

The Hungarians turn back the Soviet Invaders! (Well the T34/85 are from
my Finnish army)

Also I have picked up my first lot of infantry, some Assault Pioneers.

Up next will either be some Tigers or Nebs depending on how painting the Tigers goes (not a fan of painting German Camo!).

Until next time thanks for viewing, I hope you enjoyed my work


Tuesday, 24 January 2012

Battlefield in a Box:- Vineyards Review

Hello All,

I picked up one of the Battlefield in a Box Vineyard sets for a future Crete Campaign I have planned (more on that later), so I thought I would do a quick review of it.
I'm a big fan of almost all of the Battlefield in a Box range and this keeps up the high standard. If you have got any of the other pieces then nothing here will surprise you. It's very durable, the bases looks like it's made from the same stuff as the roads and rivers, it'll bend but won't brake.

I wasn't massive happy with the colour choice for the vines themselves (that bright green is a bit too bright for me), but that's nothing that can't be fixed from a little ink wash or dry brush.

The bases have had a basic dry brush over them, but once the vines are on and the static grass you won't see much of it.

It looks like I had the same problem as the guys from AV's Corner, the second field didn't have a painted on
structure. A slight pain but not a big problem.

Overall I'd give the set 8/10, it's not the best set they have done but it's still pretty good value for money and most of the problems can be sorted out with a little effort on my part.

Thanks for reading Ben

Monday, 23 January 2012

Late War Hungarians - Part 1

Hello All And welcome to my first update on my next project, Late War Hungarians.

The story of this army will sound familiar to must war gamers out there! I got Grey Wolf for Christmas so I could update my Finnish army from Mid War to Late War. Being a lover of the game I read the book from the first page as I was interested in all the list to see if I could spot so of the Version 3 rules changes from the book. I resisted all the German lists (even the train!) and I thought that after a quick flick over the Hungarians I'll get to my Fins. BUT something struck me about two of the Hungarians lists, the Harckocsizo Szazad (Armoured Company) and the Rohamagyus Uteg (Assault Gun Company). The more I look at the list the move I found nice little support units and fun little combos (not to mention cheap Tigers). Before I knew it I was using my Christmas money to buy my first 1750pts Harckocsizo Szazad Company with plans on turning half of it into a Rohamagyus Uteg company in the months to follow. Also in the future I will pick up an Infantry Company so I can make all the lists out of Grey Wolf.

My first 1750pts is:-

HQ -
Ervin Tarczay in a Tiger - 270pts

Combat Platoons -
3 Tigers - 585pts
3 Tigers - 585pts

Support Platoons -
3 Zrinyi II - 225pts
3 150cm 43M Rockets - 85pts


Possible not the most balanced list but a fun list and one I can hopefully paint an a good speed.

The 1750pts List as above, so so small!
I love these little Assault Guns! They do look a little bit
funny but in a nice way and with quite good stats
including Breakthrough Gun they seem a really good option.
No matter with list I do I can never seem to get away from
Nebs! I made these from the German Nebs and replaced almost
all the crew who were not holding rockets with Hungarian
Artillery crew from the Hungarian Artillery special order set.

Now my first test model of sorts. I wanted to try out the Green on something before I started to paint the tanks, so I picked up Barkmann set (I have plans for Barkmann later) and painted up is workshop as a Hungarian Objective.

It still needs flock and grass but I haven't quite decided how
I'm going to base it yet.

Well that's it for now. I hope to have the first set of tanks painted by the weekend, so when they are done I'll post them up on here.

Thanks for looking Ben

My 9th SS

Hi All,

As this is my First day of the blog I thought I would post up pictures of my finished 9th SS army (well SS-Kampfruppe Spindler). I did the army for a campaign weekend back in Oct 2011 based on Operation Market Garden.

This army was my first every attempted at painting camo and I really wish I had started with something easier that SS camo! I'm quite happy with how the army turned out, but I still haven't had the heart to paint the last few bits for them..... damn Camo!

The Army as a whole, minus the 3 Panthers. They were painted bought
painted so it didn't feel right posting them here.

Sunday, 22 January 2012

A New Start

Hello Everyone,

This is my first post in what I hope will be a very active and interesting blog. I have been inspired by the guys over at WWPD and Model Dad and I hope I can get somewhere near their level of work.

My current projects are Late War Hungarians, Late War Finnish and Early/Mid War DAK. I'll be posting pictures up in the next few days.

I'm also playing a game against my friends British Paras on the 31st Jan and I'm going to use this as my first chance to write a battle report.

Well that's it for now, I hope you all will enjoy my blog.

Cheers Ben