Wednesday, 27 February 2013

List Discussion - US Paratroopers Nuts!

Hello All,

I have played a load of games with these guys and have remind my list a bit so I thought it would be nice to give a pointers and advice to anyone else looking to play with or against the list. So I'm building to the Late War standard 1750pts with a Parachute Rifle Company from Nuts!.

So the Core:-

HQ: 1iC and Lipton 55pts

Obviously this you have to have a HQ section in the list and normally you don't get many option, but with the Parachute Rifle company you get the Easy Company Heroes who add a fair few more options. For me Lipton is a no Brainer, for 25pts you get a re-roll platoon moral tests is pretty nice, add to that he comes with an SMG which is normally a 15pts upgrade he seems a bit of a bargain.

I did think about adding in Speirs, mainly as for me he is the iconic Band of Brothers character from the series during the Bulge, but I'm don't think he brings enough to the table to be worth the 40pts upgrade.

Monday, 25 February 2013


Another unit for the Germans!

Whilst I have my triples for AAA I noticed that often for the panzer legions you need either mobelwagon or whirbelwinds. Looking at the two of them, they both had their advantages.

Love quad guns!

Friday, 22 February 2013

US Airborne Anti Tank Guns

Hello All,

Ben here with another update for my TOTWG US Paras, this time a 57mm Anti Tank Gun Platoon.

This is one of my favourite platoons in the list, not only do you get the four ROF 3 AT 10 guns for defensive fire or for keeping lightly armoured vehicles away from your battle line, but you also can make a nice little anti tank assault force by sending the for Bazookas and the platoon commander off on an assault. 

Wednesday, 20 February 2013

Flammpanzers going to Flamm....

...and Hetzer's going to Hetz

Hi All Dr Cox here again with my latest units.
I like Ben's para's most this way!

Monday, 18 February 2013

Corrivalry 2013 AAR - Adam

Hi all DrCox here

So Corrivalry has been and gone, it was definitely an enjoyable experience and the biggest tournament I've gone too.

I once again took my trusty British para's and due to the rules had two lists, my defend and my attack list, but with so many Axis armour lists I wouldn't use that one much I thought....

Friday, 15 February 2013

Volksgrenadier Winter Mortars

Hi Everybody

Adam here with more winter Germans. As I mentioned last time, I'm expanding my winter wardrobe, and I've just finished the mortar platoon.

Again I approached it the same way as the volksgrenadiers and once again I'm happy with the result. I think maybe a few helmets should be white, but discussing things with Ben I think I'll save that till I do my pioneers!

Thursday, 14 February 2013

Corrivaly 2013 AAR - Ben + Photo Dump

Hello All

Ben here with my Corrivaly tournament after action report. Again like when we went to The Brighton Bash, as myself and Adam left in the early hours of the morning the weather was awful. This time instead of Rain we had snow! Still we got there in one piece and took in the venue. I must say the iCon centre was a great venue, very big and had a lovely cafe.

Corrivaly has an interesting tournament format, it was 1750pts LW but you got to take 2 lists, the core had to be the same, but you had a 750pts swap out. The other interesting format was instead of having one mission everyone plays each round, each table has a different mission on it that staying the same for the whole event.

Like Brighton I was using my US Paras out of Nuts! My main list was:-

  • HQ + Spiers and Lipton
  • US Para Platoon + Extra Bazooka, 2 Rifles to Bazookas and Toccoa Sergeants
  • US Para Platoon + Extra Bazooka, 2 Rifles to Bazookas and Toccoa Sergeants
  • 4 LMG's
  • 3 57mm Anti Tank Guns and 3 Bazookas
  • 4 Recon Jeeps
  • 4 M18 Tank Destroyers
  • 6 M3 105mm Light Howitzers
  • AOP

My other list had 4 Trained Shermans and the Artillery split into 2 platoons of 3 for the lose of Spiers, the Anti Tank Guns and the Jeeps. I only used the other list once as I really didn't rate it, but thought the Shermans might be worth in a few situations, really I learnt they need a Jumbo to be worth it if you run them as trained. Anyway the draw went up and went to find my first opponent of my second ever FOW tournament.

Wednesday, 13 February 2013

US Paratrooper for Market Garden - HQ Section

Hello All

Ben here with a painting update, this time for my 101st Airborne Market Garden army.

For the HQ, I decided to use the Easy Company heroes as the command models for a few reasons. Firstly they are very nice models, secondly it means I can do Easy Company from Normandy to the Bugle and finally there is only 2 US Para command models, the blister adds in quite a few more models to the mix. To make the commands different from my Bulge army and to keep it historicalish everyone got a downgrade. So Winter's has become the Company Commander instead of a Higher Command model, Lipton will be a Platoon Commander, etc.

Tuesday, 12 February 2013

Pak 40 Platoon

Hi all Dr Cox here

Thought I'd share another platoon I finished recently.

I've not wanted to post them up, as I know Dave did his Pak 40's not too long ago (and his look a little better i think!). These were from my box and a half of open fire (and before anyone asks - yes my gun shields broke too!), I've done them in the snow as you'd expect, and broken up the bases with some dark rocks for contrast.

Monday, 11 February 2013

Terrain - Roads

Winner Dave here, continuing my recent kick into sorting out my terrain situation.

Last time, I showed you the standard issue fields (crop and ploughed) along with the bocage/hedgerows I made.

You could also see the embyronic stage of my roads.

Here's the finished article.

Friday, 8 February 2013

European House Subscription Deal - Dieppe House (BB155), Cherbourg House (BB156) & The Extras Spotlight

Hello All

Ben here with this months European House Subscription Deal spotlight. Now after a couple of months with no buildings this month has 2 Buildings and the long waited extras!

So like a little child at Christmas I waited for the postman to arrive and when I saw a very big book I almost started giggling (yes I'm a bit of a geek!). I opened the box to see 4 boxes and a Blister pack (and yes I was getting even more existed the more I saw)

US Airborne Recon Jeeps + Extras

Hello All

Ben here with a little update for my Winter US Paras and the TOTWG challenge.

I have always loved the idea of Jeeps in a Battle of the Bugle US force since I played Call of Duty on the PC (I think it was the add on to the first game). In it you started off on patrol in your Jeep when you basically run into the German offensive. Anyway it's a cool bit of the game and so I this month I finally got around to painting them.

Thursday, 7 February 2013

Volksgrenadier Company

Hi everyone Dr Cox here

Every so often you make a mistake, mine was to do with money... I knew I wanted a winter themed army, but I had all the stuff from open fire, so just decided to use that....

I caved the other day at my FLGS, and bought the Volksgrenadier company box, and now I feel I can admit - My name is Dr Cox and I'm a winter army addict!

Wednesday, 6 February 2013

Fallschirmjager v US Tank Company - No Retreat

Good evening all and thanks for reading, Winner Dave here.

This is my first AAR, so be gentle with me.

Ben cam round this morning for a game, I've been working on my terrain recently so I could put a board together.  Ben brought his buildings, which is why you can see 2 sets of the battlefront subscription building sets. 
Here's the board from 2 photos and a map I've thrown together on photoshop.

I was using my FJ's and Ben was using his newly painted Chaffee Company he got for Xmas.

Tuesday, 5 February 2013

Chaffee Company and Destroyed Chaffee Objective

Hello All

Ben here with another US update. I have painted up all the Chaffee's from the Cavalry Group Box Set I got from Christmas.
I painted them in my standard US tank method, which is very simple but effective. After a base coat of black spray I paint them Brown Violet followed by a quick dry brush of Green Grey. Then I black line the whole model with a pen and pick out details.

Monday, 4 February 2013

Tale of Two Winter Gamers - Month Three - 101st Airborne

Hello All,

Ben here with my slightly delayed TOTWG update (sorry for the delay, but I have been quite ill). Anyway this is more of a recap than of the month with a terrain update.

In January I have painted up my second Glider Artillery platoon, an AOP and a LMG Platoon. I also got quite a few games in playing 5 games at the Brighton Bash and one against one of my regular opponents Kevin Perry. I was really happy with the Brighton Bash, finishing 6th in my first FOW tournament was much better than I thought I would do.

Sunday, 3 February 2013

Terrain - Initial Thoughts and Bocage

Good afternoon all, 

For quite some time now a visit to winner Dave's place for a game of FOW, meant taking along some terrain, as I simply don't have very much.

It's well past time I addressed this woeful situation and get my terrain on.  I have one object...get some terrain and get it fast.

Here's my first stab...

Friday, 1 February 2013

Tale of Two Winter Gamers - Month Three - 25th Panzergrenadierkompanie

Good morning everybody!

Doctor Cox here, this is more of a roundup this time than posting anything new, but hopefully, you'll enjoy the update.

I was quite lucky in that I managed to blitz my way through my painting for this month, for those who need reminding I've done my Heavy Platoon, Triples and 8-Rad's.