Friday, 6 September 2013

US 57mm Anti Tank Guns

Hello All

The Seventh platoon for Colours 2013 painting challenge is completed! The 57mm Anti Tank Guns.
Sorry for the lack of terrain on the pictures but my terrain is all packed up for Colours as I'm providing a tables for the tournament.
Like the 105mm Artillery this platoon has a mix of normal US crewmen and Winter US crew, this is so I can keep the winter theme of the army going.
These guns are better in Devils Charge than they are in Overlord as the gun loses the No HE rule. While this might not seem too big a deal but by losing No HE the gun becomes multi rolled, it almost becomes an MG team with a gun shield against Infantry.

Next up I'm going to do some Jeep Recon, thanks for looking



  1. The nice thing about having the mixture of winter and summer uniforms is you can switch between them whenever you want and your bases allow it too.

  2. Nice work on these. I like the mixed gear too, less same-y.