Sunday, 8 September 2013

Poor Bloody Infantry - and a Rural Bases review

Hello all,

Hell the Poor bloody infantry, from normandy to Italy, British, Canadian, Australian etc they are the backbone of the army!
For MG they have the bonus of having a 3+ save when riding on a tank, and also can be in m5 half tracks (soon to be bought) but in the end these guys do the grunt work of assaulting and holding while everyone else gets the glory!
I broke with my habit of painting on the bases and painted them off for a change. I started with a base coat of PSC British khaki, before english uniform and khaki highlights. The webbing is green grey with buff added for highlights, the flesh is GW talarn flesh, helmets Russian uniform with green brown hessian, and the gaiters are green ochre. Metal is my GW grey with white, and after a trial of a us tan for the wood on the rifles I returned to flat earth with some khaki for highlights.
For the bases I used the new rural bases, now I quite like the details on these, but there done holes are useless! I'd previously tried some german infantry for these, and found their tabs to high for the bases, in this case the tabs just didn't fit in the holes! Maybe newer models would do better!
You get 16 large bases 5 3 hole small ones and 4 2 hole small ones. Now this doesn't work great as for an infantry company yes 5 3 hole bases is good, and 2 hole ones are neither here nor there; but 16 large ones? I need 6 per British infantry platoon so 18 would make more sense grrr!
The hole 'plugs' are nice, as are the little details like fences etc. I wanted the bases to really contrast with the men so went for the very dark 'German cameo black brown' as a mud, with a flat earth dry brush on top, and then dark green flock/static grass to add some depth.
Anyway hope you like them, one platoon down 2 more + command/snipers to go!

Thanks for looking


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  1. Looking good. I have to paint a platoon of these as well and I am dreading how long it will take me.