Sunday, 29 September 2013

Guards Armoured Recon - Redux

Hello All

This final post about contents from my guards recce box is looking at the non model pieces. A lot of these I mentioned in my review but with a bit of time I've got some deeper insights.
The obvious starting place is the objectives. Both of the two in this box (tiger and Cromwell) are beautifully detailed. The destroyed Cromwell I painted in the same way as the working cromwells but all the extra details on it made it a real pleasure to work ok. Likewise the tiger I painted like a lot of my German units, I was less keen on painting this one - bit mainly as it being impacted on a walk slightly through me off my way if painting tanks.
The only real problem with these is the fact they are models! That night sound strange, but one of the advantages of objectives being flat is that you can put models on them. One of the local players puts his flat objective markers underneath his more scenic ones for this reason - which I like.
The next big change in here are the tokens. I honestly hadn't realised BF do a new style until I also looked at some polish tokens a mate has. Unlike the ones in the tins, these all have clear plastic over them, have 2 ranged in and new ones (to me) like 'at the double' and 'reorganising'
Finally dice and decals - I think my dice are broken as they roll a disproportionate number of 1's! The decals are god quality.

Well there it is my finished box set, I hope you enjoyed it!


  1. So impressive! Very nice work, some beautiful details!

  2. Thanks, the other cromwells are Dr Alex's - We tried to get ben around for his to join the pic, but logistics were against us

  3. I think you guys need some more tanks, there just aren't enough there.......(in reality you can never have to many tanks). Nice work!

  4. An impressive array of armour!

  5. Really good work. Just a shame you rag on their abilities so much. My Guards Armoured Recce performs admirably. Though I tried using them as Desert Rats and couldn't stand RV. Once bailed, those buggers never got back in.

  6. Cheers guys! I think the reason I'm down on them so much is that really I'm an infantry player at heart!