Wednesday, 25 September 2013

Commission Figurines - European Walled Farm

Good morning,

I was a very lucky boy to have had this MDF farm by Commission Figurines bought for my birthday by Adam (DrCox)

This is my first MDF building so wasn't too sure what to expect.

It went together quite well, there are a few gaps in between walls, which I'll get around to filling...probably never in all honesty, but at least you get a good feel for what the gaps are like when assembled.

Rather stupidly I used some tape to hold the building together when drying, the tape did not come away nicely and has left some very rough patches, so one tip is to stick to elastic bands.
My second learning experience with MDF was just how much paint the material soaks up.  I kept adding layers and layers of paint and ended up wasting quite a lot I think.  If I get any MDF buildings again, i'll use a can of car primer.
It's quite a big piece, you can fit a lot of infantry in there.  The big housecan take 6 stands, the medium house 4 stands and the little house just 2 small stands, but you can also fit a lot in the grounds.

The two larger buildings have a middle floor so you can put stands on the ground or on the second floor.  The middle sized building can only fit 1 medium stand on the ground due to how it holds the flooring up, hence 4 in total.
Currently retailing for £, I think this is a great addition to the table.  It's not going to see every battle, but I like the fact that it's one piece and will make a big difference to the layout of the terrain.




  1. Nice looking complex. Well done, & appreciated the review as I'm weighing mdf building options versus traditional structures.

  2. I'd be interested to hear how you get on. I think a few modifications would help, a water barrel, a bale of hay, broken down tractor, some chickens...Not really my thing, but definitely up your street.

    Love your objective markers, look forward to seeing your progress on the brit army.