Friday, 13 September 2013

Second US Infantry Platoon and Pre Colours Analyses

Hello All

The last platoon for Colours 2013 painting challenge is completed! I have finished the second infantry platoon and so I'm done! Again sorry about the lack of terrain in the pictures but my terrain is still with Alex waiting to go to the event.
So long with a little talk about the infantry today I'm also going to talk a little about the event as it's this weekend!
Looking at this platoon compared to the first platoon I painted I can see a few differences in style and colours used, not enough to make a massive difference (especially on the table during a game which is all that really matters anyway) but it does show I may have spent a bit more time on the first lot than this platoon.
 So anyway I'm happy with the platoon as a whole and happy with the army.

So challenge over! 8 weeks of hard work, my wifes tolerance stretched to the limit and my social life has taken a bit of a hit...
From this... this in 8 "easy" weeks...
So how well prepared for Colours do I feel... well not as prepared as I would have liked. I have only played two games with the list a 3-4 lose to Alex's Cromwells and a 6-1 victory over Robin Spence's Pieper list. I learnt a lot from the lose to Alex, I made a massive mistake on deployment by leaving the second infantry platoon off the table in a half on half off mission and I was never quite able to react properly. The win vs Robin didn't really tell me anything as I basically won on the first turn when both Tank Destroyer platoons and ambushing 57mm Anti Tank guns popped up on the first turn and blow most of robins army away.

I'm already thinking about changing the list for the next event after only 2 games. The 155mm battery having only 2 guns has been a headache for me, it's not enough guns to deploy in a half on half off mission as they need the 105mm artillery and that means two platoons of artillery on the table to start with which cuts into the Tank Destroyers and Infantry on the board. The 57mm also seem overkill, with so many bazookas and Tank Destroyers on the board do I really need a third anti tank platoon? Probably not.

Currently I'm thinking of dropping the M10's, 57mm Anti Tank and HMG platoon to upgrade the 105mm's t Veteran, add two guns to the 155mm plus also making them Veteran, adding in a Pioneer Platoon and then adding in a second Towed Tank Destroyer platoon. This list would give me the option of having the 155mm artillery on the table in half on half off missions which can bombard or smoke and then either deploy two platoons of Infantry and one platoon of Tank Destroyers or visa versa. My first worry was the lack of mobile anti tank ability of the list, but the Towed Tank Destroyers have been surprisingly mobile and I figured the points I saved by taking them over M10's means I have points to upgrade the artillery and get the third infantry platoon I like to have.

But anyway back to Colours this weekend (well tomorrow when this is posted), I'm hoping to do well and I think the list can get me high up the standings, but I think I'll bleed too many points to be a top contented. Still nothing about this challenge has been easy and I feel up for the last part of the challenge the event itself. I'll be happy with three wins out of the four games and thats what I'm going to set myself as a target. So as always thanks for reading and wish me luck at the weekend, from the sound of some of the lists I'm going to need it!



  1. Your idea for changing your list does restrict your mobility, but you will have a lot of bodies on the ground, so you can cover more area at deployment and hopefully not need to be so mobile. There's always a trade-off, what you lose in beans you make up in chips!
    Good luck for the weekend, impressive effort painting all that in eight weeks.

    1. It is a trade off on mobility, but the infantry are quite mobile with the ability to double through terrain and the Towed TD's are very mobile until deployed.

      Thanks Ben

  2. Very nice looking company. I can't believe you painted all of that in 8 weeks. Takes me 8 weeks for a platoon of infantry! I love how your basing looks wintery but would look perfectly at home on a bight green board too.

    I am guessing that the M10s don't get to actually use their mobility too much as most opponents will try to destroy them pretty quickly after they arrive.

    Just curious, what do you plan to do with the pioneers in your revised list? Are they just there to bump the platoon count?

    Good luck in the tournament.

    1. Hi Cameron,

      Thanks for the compliment, I was surprised that I was able to get the list down so quickly.

      The Pioneers are there for two reasons, one they are slightly cheaper than the normal infantry so it made the points fit! And Two they do fill a whole being able to gap barbed wire and the like and are also all Tank Assault 3.

      Thanks ben

  3. Very impressive output Ben.
    I can see attraction in the extra big guns, especially with Yank abilities of Combined Bombardment and Time on target... its not looking good for whatever that lot falls on...
    Losing the M10s will lose you some mobility, so I am guessing you have a differing playing style in mind with the force changes?

    1. Yeah I might have a play around before the next event with the M10's. But they don't normally need to move much once popped if things go to plan.


  4. Its amazing you finished all that so quickly, I think giving yourself a deadline probably really helped.

    Sweet before and after pic too!

    So will there be battle reports soon?

    1. Hi Mr.T

      The deadline definitely helps me, but I'm really enjoying my painting at the moment and I think thats the biggest factor.

      An AAR or two might be on the cards very soon, myself and Adam have been talking about a battle of the beards between 2nd ID and Panzer on the Meuse.