Friday, 27 September 2013

Guards - SP Anti Tank

Hi again all,

I'm back with another update for my Guards, this time the M10's.
Whenever I look at these guys I always have a small pang of jealousy about how much more fun their US counterpart is! Though the extra UK AT is always appreciated. I often consider how worth it is the extra AT to go from 14 in overlord to 15 in MG and I don't often see the benefit. But that is life you have the great glass hammer, though with more access to duckbills I do find them a better choice.
As always their other great down side is 'no HE' and that really knocks down their usefulness, as the amount of points for something with no ability to hurt infantry is justan ongoing dilemma - but yet for my armoured recon in Overlord they are essential as without them I have nothing above AT 10! In the end I always think it comes down to a ratio of HE to no HE which is somewhere from 3-4 in my head.
As for painting them, the. Eric,ex were painted in much the someway with quick shade as the Cromwells, for the crew (and incidentally the ones in the Cromwells too) I used the PSC British khaki, and then added some khaki to Vallejo British uniform for highlights.
It's really noticeable when you compare them to my old M10's which I did for my Canadians, not only the difference in the green (which I always felt looked a little chalky) and also the crew with their brown violet uniforms.
Anyway I hope you enjoy these, till next time


  1. Looking good. The Guards decals look really sharp. I'm also on the fence with M10s. I always run a platoon of 2 (I only have 2). They are pretty good if there is armour on the board. Otherwise they are not so useful and are easy pickings for a platoon to take out.

  2. That's the problem with these guys! They are fragile (2 are really fragile IMHO) and if there are no tanks they're almost pointless

    1. I've been thinking about taking air for heavy anti-tank work instead. When the M10cs work though, they are really good. I've taken out a Panther platoon with them. My opponents always worry about them if they are running tanks and so the fear factor has value too. I just run two because I can't justify the points for 4 when there is not always armoured targets. If it was a tank/mech tournament or tank aces then 4 would be great.

  3. Their .50 cals do fine for me on the non-armour front.

    I use them because my regular opponent loves his big cats, so I need the high AT. Though I agree that in a more open group situation, 14 and 15 is too much and also too expensive.

    Hope mine will look as nice as your own when I get them finished sir and yes, they're far better looking than your Canadian ones.

  4. To bad they did count as TDS and do not have rules for them like the American ones. I am also starting on a set of theese models.But i got deal on mine because they were used American TDS.But all good i was thinking of putting some Firefly barrels on them.