Monday, 25 February 2013


Another unit for the Germans!

Whilst I have my triples for AAA I noticed that often for the panzer legions you need either mobelwagon or whirbelwinds. Looking at the two of them, they both had their advantages.

Love quad guns!
The mobelwagon has less armour (0 all round) but longer range (24) and better firepower.

The whirbelwind has 3,1,0 armour. More shots, (6) less firepower 5+ but also sports a hull MG

Points cost (at least inBGG next to me) shows them though on equal points.

So why the whirbelwind over the mobelwagon?

Well I think as AA goes they're on a par, I link the mobelwagon is better against dug in infantry. But the whirblwind has the edge against armour

As for the model itself, the only downside was the awful metal tracks which are an arse to fit onto the hull.
Under the hood
The camo was painted as before, and I bought a couple of magnets to magnetise the turret.

Anyway hope to show it off in an AAR soon.
Typhoon down!
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  1. Very nice models and paintjob.
    Must admit since my regular opponents dont often bother taking Air, as they feel the points are usually better spent elsewhere, if I take AAA, then I am usually looking to see what else it can do vs ground targets. I usually favour the 3.7 due to longer range and higher firepower...

  2. A very good point, I often think of them as ZhMG substitutes for when the enemy has no AA

  3. They look really good, I need to pick me up some decent AAA, but I always tend towards the 7/2 because of the Firepower of 4+. I need to grab some W-Winds.

  4. Very nice. I am painting up some of these at the moment.