Friday, 8 February 2013

European House Subscription Deal - Dieppe House (BB155), Cherbourg House (BB156) & The Extras Spotlight

Hello All

Ben here with this months European House Subscription Deal spotlight. Now after a couple of months with no buildings this month has 2 Buildings and the long waited extras!

So like a little child at Christmas I waited for the postman to arrive and when I saw a very big book I almost started giggling (yes I'm a bit of a geek!). I opened the box to see 4 boxes and a Blister pack (and yes I was getting even more existed the more I saw)

 Dieppe House (BB155)

This is by far the best painted building I have got in the deal so far. All the painting is solid and the dry brushing was to a very good standard. I was worried when I heard that the delays would be to get more buildings painted that there would be a drop in quality, but if this standard is kept the opposite will be true. Of course we may have to wait and see if this continues or if I got a little lucky this time. (A little sneak peak but the other building is also painted very well.
I'm not going to talk too much about the buildings as there isn't much difference than the other buildings in the deal.

Cherbourg House (BB156)

So building number 2. Much the same as the first building in that the painting quality is top notch. The two building this month bring some much needed colour to the deal.
Again as this is quite similar to the other buildings so I won't go too much into the details (I'm sure you all know the deal with them by now). I think this is probably my favourite of the buildings so far.

House Extensions (BB167)

Now the bonus stuff! Firstly the House Extensions. This this quite a nice if small set and much needed as one of the "problems" with the sub deal is you end up with 12 very similar buildings.

In the set you get 2 Large extensions, 2 Medium Extensions, 2 small extensions and a monument. These really add a lot to the building and add a lot more flavour to them.
While I like the set I do think I'd like to see the price before I get a second set. I think one would be enough to add the variety you need to the buildings, that said if it was cheap enough I would get a second set when they are on general release. I was worried about the sets being different colours from the houses already released, but I'm pleased to say they are a good match and fit in well.
Overall a good solid box 8/10.

Village Walls (BB168)

The second of the extra sets is the village walls. In the set you get 28 inches of walls with come in 9 wall sections and a fountain.
I was again very happy with this set, the walls are painted well and look great with the buildings. A nice touch is the fountain has water effect already added to it, which saved me a job! I will be getting a second one of these once they are on general release. A second set will give me enough options for the final village with the whole 12 buildings.
Overall I would give this set 9/10, partly because of the water effect! (I really thought that was a great touch).

Villagers (XSO105)

The last of the extra sets. The villagers are an interesting addition. You get 6 small bases worth of models.
 I'm not sure if I will use them for the terrain, but I might use a few of them (probably not the "working" girls) for a Volkssturm army when the battle for Berlin is finally done by Battlefront.

And the whole lot together

Well there you go, a nice little village. I really hope the Bastogne Church comes out soon to really finish off the complete village feel. I as starting to think I had made a mistake by getting the sub deal, the delays and mixed quality of the buildings was a slight disappointment, but this months extra stuff and new buildings has really giving me a lot of excitement and has infused me with the knowledge I made the right choice. I can't wait to get them into a game.

Well thanks for reading, I hope you enjoyed the spot light and until next time



  1. Nice review - got my big today too. These two houses are of a far, far better quality than the last few we've had. Well done to Battlefront. As

    I recall, they never specifically mentioned whether the extras were free or not, but I'm really impressed that they were. Great quality on them too.

    1. Thanks Vladdd

      I'm glad it wasn't just me who got better painted buildings. I really hope this is carried on for the next 6.

  2. Wow! I think I have to wait for my extras. I just recieved the Dieppe house yesterday, nothing more. Cant wait for the rest!

  3. Good review. Got mine too and not a bad set.
    What would be nice is some sort of shop frontage extension. A narrow front you can glue to give the impression of large windows and signage.

    Feels weird having all these French towns with no Pâtisserie or Boulangerie!

    1. The store front is a great idea! That really would add something that is missing.

  4. I see you've got the picture background sorted. Looks really good!

    1. Thanks Andy.

      Yeah I'm really glad we got it. We have some painting posts coming up with the background and some models, which I think looks even better!


  5. Nice review Ben. Love how you used the background picture. Really makes the buildings pop out. Care to share a pic of your photo studio :)

    1. Thanks Khairul.

      I can share a picture if you like but it's not that high tech, it will get a bit more high tech in may.


    2. I would really appreciate that Ben :).

      Looking forward to seeing your set-up. My hobby room is small but I've set aside a space for photo shoot. Need to get better in this dept.

    3. No worries. I unfortunately don't have a permanent set up but I have found ways around it. But I'm planning on getting some photographer lights once I get a better camera.

      I'll add the photo of my set up on my next painting post, my winter 57mm Anti Tank Guns.