Wednesday, 13 February 2013

US Paratrooper for Market Garden - HQ Section

Hello All

Ben here with a painting update, this time for my 101st Airborne Market Garden army.

For the HQ, I decided to use the Easy Company heroes as the command models for a few reasons. Firstly they are very nice models, secondly it means I can do Easy Company from Normandy to the Bugle and finally there is only 2 US Para command models, the blister adds in quite a few more models to the mix. To make the commands different from my Bulge army and to keep it historicalish everyone got a downgrade. So Winter's has become the Company Commander instead of a Higher Command model, Lipton will be a Platoon Commander, etc.
Overall I'm very happy with these guys. I'm really enjoying painting this army despite the fact I'm almost just doing the same army twice.
My Company Commander, Winters himself
Nixon seemed a good choice as the 2IC
I have done Spiers as a Platoon Commander, I know he wasn't part of Easy Company until the later part of the Bugle,
but the model was to cool not to have in the army! He will replace the commander stand I did for the first platoon.
Robert Redford I mean Major Cook.... I know he's not part of the 101st Airborne, but it gives me a few different options with the army if we ever get a Firestorm Market Garden campaign going.
Me and Winner Dave have talked about an Axis of Attack campaign based around a later  Market Garden battle were the 6th Fallschirmjagers fought the 101st Airborne over Hell's Highway, but thats for another day.

Anyway I hope you enjoyed this post and until next time thanks for reading



  1. Funnily enough the other day I was thinking how would you use the easy compony models in a normandy-market garden army! More fantastic looking models as always Ben!

    1. Great minds and all that! Thanks Andy.