Friday, 8 February 2013

US Airborne Recon Jeeps + Extras

Hello All

Ben here with a little update for my Winter US Paras and the TOTWG challenge.

I have always loved the idea of Jeeps in a Battle of the Bugle US force since I played Call of Duty on the PC (I think it was the add on to the first game). In it you started off on patrol in your Jeep when you basically run into the German offensive. Anyway it's a cool bit of the game and so I this month I finally got around to painting them.
 In the game this is a very interesting unit, but also I think a unit that is a little bit of a contradiction. In one aspect you have a great cheap recon unit to lift Gone To Ground and just be annoying, but on the other side they have 4 .50cals, that can do a lot of damage! My problem is I like shooting things, I'm going to have to try (and I mean try) to remember that they are the recon in the list!

I also painted up 5 more Bazookas for my Corrivaly list. 4 of these will also become part of a Towed Tank Destroyer platoon after the event.

Well as always thanks for reading and until next time



  1. Fantastic pictures, the second one is amazing!
    Great minis too...

  2. Very nice minis! Love the windows effects on the jeeps.

    (My tanks always got blown to pieces when I used them in CoH.)

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