Tuesday, 5 February 2013

Chaffee Company and Destroyed Chaffee Objective

Hello All

Ben here with another US update. I have painted up all the Chaffee's from the Cavalry Group Box Set I got from Christmas.
I painted them in my standard US tank method, which is very simple but effective. After a base coat of black spray I paint them Brown Violet followed by a quick dry brush of Green Grey. Then I black line the whole model with a pen and pick out details.

One thing I tried on these which I liked was I painted the tracks German Grey instead of a metal colour. I did this as I find painting grey a fair bit easier than painting metal and as I heavily weather the tanks not much of the track colour shows through so as long as it's a dark colour that looks about right it doesn't really matter.
 I'm quite happy with how they come out, they aren't the best thing I have ever painted but I do think they look good on the table (which is what I was aiming for). I'm not sure I'll play the whole company often, but I have my eyes on the Cavalry Recon list and I will use a platoon or two of Chaffees in that list.

Tank Teams
NameMobilityFrontSideTopEquipment and Notes
  Weapon RangeROFAnti-tankFirepower
Light Tanks
M24 Chaffee              Light Tank4   21    Co-ax MG, Hull MG, .50 cal AA MG.
  M6 75mm gun                32"/80cm2103+ Smoke, Stabiliser.

The Objective was a lot of fun to paint! I'm really happy with it!
'Snowing' it up was an interesting process as too much snow and whats the point of having such a nice model on the base (a cheap crap one would have worked just as well), but too little and I thought it might look a little out of place. I think I got the balance jut right.

 So there you go, I hope you have enjoyed reading this post, me and Dave got a game in with my Chaffees vs his Fallschirmjagers, which will be posted in a day or so, so keep an eye out.

Well thanks for reading and until next time



  1. Fabulous work, the snow is wonderful!

  2. Very nice Ben. You say they're not ur best but they're looking pretty damn good to me. In the "Ben's Effort vs Reward School of Painting" you've definitely come out with top marks!

    1. Thats Andy. Still 1 of my favourite painting phases!

  3. Very nicely done sir. Objective marker looks awesome.

  4. They all look real good.

  5. Looking very nice. Sooner or later I'm going to break and do a US Army and I can see it being Chaffee based. Something different and requiring a bit of Elan to get to grips with!