Tuesday, 12 February 2013

Pak 40 Platoon

Hi all Dr Cox here

Thought I'd share another platoon I finished recently.

I've not wanted to post them up, as I know Dave did his Pak 40's not too long ago (and his look a little better i think!). These were from my box and a half of open fire (and before anyone asks - yes my gun shields broke too!), I've done them in the snow as you'd expect, and broken up the bases with some dark rocks for contrast.

This was the first time I've tried the camo on guns as opposed to tanks, and I think i works here as well. The infantry are done the same as my grenadiers, so no great surprises there.
Ambushing a sherman patrol!
Anyway I hope you like them,


Dr Cox


  1. Very impressive in the snow, great stands and pictures!

  2. Cheers guys, really appreciate the support

  3. Nice...Can you add a following section, I won't miss stuff then.

  4. Nice job. What is the material of snow?

    1. I think it's gw snow, but I have it in an unmarked container from years ago