Monday, 11 February 2013

Terrain - Roads

Winner Dave here, continuing my recent kick into sorting out my terrain situation.

Last time, I showed you the standard issue fields (crop and ploughed) along with the bocage/hedgerows I made.

You could also see the embyronic stage of my roads.

Here's the finished article.

I used vinyl cork tiles that you can get in hardware this

It's easy to cut, pliable and durable.

Once I'd cut lengths of it, I coated it in super thinned black poster paint and left it to dry overnight.  The result it an effect you wouldn't be ashamed to slap on the table, but I wanted more.

Next I roughly airbrushed dark grey all over.  Then I did the twin lines of medium grey and finely another set of lines inside them of light grey.

After that I airbrushed dark brown along the edges.

I put the airbrush down and turned to the paintbrush.  It was out with one of my favourite colours VMC Green Brown.  I drybrushed the edges and down the middle.

Finally copious amounts of PVA and flock along the edges.

I'm so happy with the result, I think this is the best terrain I've made to date.

Onwards and upwards!



  1. WOW! That looks really cool. Great work.

  2. Similar to mine but I still need to weather the track marks and add grass\flock to the shoulders. Yours will be my inspiration.

  3. They sell that cork stuff at arts and crafts stores in the scrap booking section too! Great article!