Thursday, 7 February 2013

Volksgrenadier Company

Hi everyone Dr Cox here

Every so often you make a mistake, mine was to do with money... I knew I wanted a winter themed army, but I had all the stuff from open fire, so just decided to use that....

I caved the other day at my FLGS, and bought the Volksgrenadier company box, and now I feel I can admit - My name is Dr Cox and I'm a winter army addict!

The models are gorgeous, I had a few funny casts, and a couple that needed flash removing, but all in all great casting.

And the models look so good, with the coats and the winter covers.

I started by basing these guys with a mix of filler and gravel, I have liked having this dark contrast against the snow, and really think it helps the bases here compared to 'pure' snow. After that I started painting them, for the greatcoats, it's much the same as the panzer gren, but painting the white would require a little more thought.

I started with a base of celesta grey, followed by a black ink, I then drybrushed ulthan grey and then a blue ink, before a white drybrush.

After this I did the details like the panzer grens, before painting pure white on the exposed winter camo, I did this at this point so I could ensure there was shade in the right places to contrast against any details I painted.

I'm pretty happy with how they came out, and I've ordered quite a few other bits of winter infantry to bulk out this force, so keep an eye out for a list in coming weeks.

Well thanks for reading and I've got to get back to my winter Mortars...

Dr Cox


  1. Very Nice! I particularly like the Winter Camo whites, they add a nice contrast to the unit.


  2. They look great bud. Better than your Grenadiers IMO.


  3. They go look sweet, I'm on the fence about starting a winter themed army .... these articles are tempting me