Friday, 15 February 2013

Volksgrenadier Winter Mortars

Hi Everybody

Adam here with more winter Germans. As I mentioned last time, I'm expanding my winter wardrobe, and I've just finished the mortar platoon.

Again I approached it the same way as the volksgrenadiers and once again I'm happy with the result. I think maybe a few helmets should be white, but discussing things with Ben I think I'll save that till I do my pioneers!

Anyway I hope you like them!

Dr cox


  1. Wow, you guys are painting machines !!

    Looking good.

  2. Once I get one of the many axis forces done then I'll play more than paint - but till then I hope you like the work. Thanks for the support

  3. Dave isn't wrong. Took me all the way through Thunderball to paint the brown uniforms and flesh colours on my Brit 6pdr platoon! I need to learn new techniques or something to become a super fast painter like yourself. :)