Monday, 25 March 2013

Volksgrenadiers Infantry Guns - IG37 and HMG's

Hi all

Dr Cox again I've another 2 units for you this week, first up my HMG's.
As you can see my Volksgrenadiers are coming on, one of the units I think almost any infantry army can benefit from is HMG's.

They can attach out to the combat platoons to give some supporting fire/bullet catchers depending on the situation. And on defense - well they shoot a lot!
Not too much to say otherwise about them as far as 'in game' ability goes! models themselves were easy to clean, no excess flash, the HMG's themselves I painted separately.

The infantry guns are a very interesting unit! I've gone for the IG37, though an alternative is the Pak50.

The crew are from the German anti tank group (winter) blister which I have to say as an idea is fantastic. I would much rather have the guns bought separately and then get the crew for the right theater to support them, whether it's winter or Africa etc.

As well as the crew for these guns, you're loaders for bigger caliber infantry guns, and some guys to crew anti tank guns!

As for in game use, it's very much a jack of all trades. It's light, so can keep up with the infantry, and has a gun shield for added protection.

It can fire direct, but is only 16 inches, but has a half decent AT of 9, and a FP of 3+. It can also fire direct smoke which is always useful. It can also bombard to help with the odd pin. The Pak50, has a slightly longer range and 1 better AT, but lacks smoke and is heavier.

Well hope you like the units, until next time



  1. Your project is really progressing well, a fantastic job so far

    1. Thanks for the encouragement! Loving painting these guys

  2. Nice! My next project will be Volksgrenadiers as well- lovely stuff!

    1. Thanks! If you need any info let me know

  3. Hmmm that IG37 is certainly an interesting versatile weapon, shame its not available to a wider range of wehrmacht forces...

    1. The idea of the infantry gun is somewhat interesting, the ability to pin/smoke and do decent damage is great - though secretly I hope that against bunkers they'll work well