Friday, 22 March 2013

US Para Armoured Jeeps

Hello All

I have been adding support to my US Paras and have got around to painting up some Armoured Jeeps for a 82nd Airborne list I have been toying around with.

I was lucky enough to find one of the old US Paras Armoured Jeep box sets going cheap on Ebay. While I have no plans to add a second unit of Armoured Jeeps at the moment I have converted the other 4 to normal jeeps, as there is no US Para normal jeep that BF currently do. The unarmoured Jeeps and the Armoured Jeeps will give me all the Jeep options for any of the Normandy and Market Garden lists.

I have painted these slightly different from my US tanks I did as I got my hands on a pot of Secret Weapon Washes Black Body Wash. This stuff is great for less harsh black lining then the pen I had been using.

Easy Army says

Tank Teams
NameMobilityFrontSideTopEquipment and Notes
  Weapon RangeROFAnti-tankFirepower
Armored .50 cal Recon JeepJeep000.50 cal AA MG, Overloaded, Recce.

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