Wednesday, 13 March 2013

Plastic Soldier Company T-70 Review


Winner Dave here, with my latest toy...

As mentioned in my previous post "One Broke Gamer", I bought some plastic soldier company T-70s with the proceeds of some eBay sales.

I'm doing a mixed Tankovy Company list from Eastern Front put together by Ben.

So inside this box you get five of these

They look quite simple to put together, lets find out shall we.

First step for me is the worst, I hate this part.  Taking each part off the sprues and clean them up.  So after a thorough soaking in washing up liquid and water, I commenced clipping and cleaning.

I only snapped one barrel, but bent the first two.  I discovered the trick is to cut the sprue to either side of the barrel first as this made access easier  release the tension in the sprue and usually meant the barrel came away cleanly.

A couple of hours later and I have this.
Next I going to start gluing the hull, keeping the tracks separate for painting purposes and the turrets.  I think I'll not bother with the crewmen.
Assembly was surprisingly easy, I hadn't intended to assemble the tanks until the following day, but I made a start and before long had finished all 10.  The only thing I'd recommend is that you glue the exhaust on and then the hull side cover whilst the exhaust glue is still drying as it will need to move about.  Apart from that everything went together perfectly without the need to sculpt any parts.  I was particularly impressed with how the barrels went into the turret.
A sneak peak of a T-70 I have painted up. Stay turned for a post on these next week.
Overall I'm really happy with my purchase and would happily buy some more.  They didn't require much cleaning up, just trim where the sprue was attached and they went together really easily and really well with no problems at all.

I haven't reviewed a model before, let alone a plastic soldier company one. Some might think this kit is too simple, for me it's perfect and gets a winner Dave score of 9/10

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  1. Wow. I love the colour modulation. It looks really striking. What colours did you use?

  2. I used tamiya's NATO green and added white.

    I've gone into quite some detail on the next post...

    thanks for the compliment.

  3. Very, very good painting in these and the models look so good I think you just got me a new Midwar army...

    1. Good choice :)
      can't wait to try them out in a game. Hopefully before the campaign weekend.

  4. The PSC kits are great... Nice paint job too, they'll look impressive en-masse

  5. Yeah, I've got 10 of the blighters. I hear that the kits can vary, but I don't know myself. Have you had many PSC kits?

  6. Nice paint job there- definitely would love to read the tute/writeup on that! :)

    1. Thanks mate, it's scheduled for wedsnesday. I'm not sure it's a tutorial as such as you'll probably see me make more mistakes and frustrations :)

      Definately learned a thing or two though

  7. Very good review, the painted example looks excellent!


    1. Damn, coming from you that is a compliment....glad to see you've started posting again. Now where is my tutorial???