Friday, 15 March 2013

Review of Commission Figurines' Bases

Over a game, Ben and I were having a conversation about the Russian Mixed Tank Company I'm currently constructing.

I explained that I was thinking of buying a load of bases and pre-etched plati-card, then gluing the plasti-card to the bases.

Ben then very kindly pointed me in the direction of these guys... and suggested I contact them to see if they would make them for me.

I did and they would...

I have to say they are one of the friendliest companies I've ever dealt with, I gave them my requirements, 40 bases, large FOW size, pre-etched in a cobblestone pattern.  They gave me a price...£10.  Oh yeah baby, I was very happy to pay that and sort of wish I'd ordered twice the amount.

They made it clear that they can etch other patterns like paving stones etc, which I'm also tempted by.

Turn around was super quick and I received emails telling me when I could expect to receive them.  Also they double checked with me that the cobblestones were going to be small, smaller than a figure's foot.  They weren't wrong.

Just look at these bad boys...

The grey one is a very quick paint job, and the brown one is how they come.

I like them a lot, they've saved me a whole bunch of effort cutting and sticking plasti-card.  They're the correct size and look the business.

Even though duly warned, the size of the cobbles still took me by surprise.  I tried a brown wash over the grey but it wasn't enough.  The above has a black ink wash to bring the cobbles out.

If you're looking for pre-etched bases or, some cheap plain bases, give these guys ago.  I appreciate that they are not everyone's cup of tea, with the straight sides.

Can't wait to stick some Ruskie tanks on them...

Thanks for reading

Winner Dave

P.S. Commission Figurines are running a kick starter campaign to launch a new 28mm range. Included in the deal are some 15mm pledges so it would well be worth a look at for a FOW city fight board or for Bolt Action. buildings- and- ruins- for- wargamers?ref=email

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