Wednesday, 6 March 2013

A tale of one broke gamer...

Hey guys, winner Dave here.

One of my new years resolutions was to do a tank company and you may remember Ben doing a poll about which mid war army he should collect next.

Well, I was pleased when the result was Finnish infantry as that meant I could make the Russian tank list for myself.

Also, if you follow our blog regularly you'll know Ben and Adam are currently engaged in a tale of two winter gamers.  I would have loved to be included in this project, but unfortunately my pocket money just doesn't stretch that far.

Hence, my own little parody...

I stopped being interested in 40k, when finecast came out, quite frankly I think it sucks and is quite expensive, plus our interest in all things flames of war took off.  However I have a few odds and ends knocking around and thought it was time I put them to good use.  Also I kinda miss painting the larger scale brightly colour models that are 40k.

Here's what I did...

I painted one of these...

This gave me the perfect opportunity to get some more airbrushing time as I'm still learning to use it.

Then I stuck it on eBay to see how it would do.

Almost straight away I had requests from people to paint more...which was awesome and I ended up with my first commission.

Which looks like this.

My client seemed happy, I got paid and the first batch sold on eBay no problems so I went a head and bought this...

10 Matildas and 10 T-70s means a happy winner Dave.

I'm naturally very please with how things worked out and I still have another of those aegis lines to paint and sell.

coming of Zvezda's T-70 and Matilda II

Until then keep on gaming and keep it cheap

Winner Dave.


  1. Wow...nicely done :) Very cool way to get one's project financed. Congrats.

    1. Thanks mate, i'd highly recommend it. Make's a nice change from painting 15mm and is a great way to build an fact part 2 just arrived in the post...woot woot :)

  2. Oh great. MORE matilda spam lists ;)

    The list that placed 3rd at Corrivalry was 31 matildas, heavy mortars, 4 ISUs, recce and aircraft.


    1. Don't worry it's only 10 and no offence to Winner Dave but he's using them! LOL

      The EBay'd stuff looks great!

  3. @AndyGI...don't worry only 10 matildas, I think I'd get bored stiff if I had to paint 31 of them...

    And Ben's right in my hands, well, they don't call me winner for nothing :)

    1. ;) You'll do just fine with them!