Sunday, 10 March 2013

AAR Schwerepanzerjager vs Pulyemyetno-Artillyeriyskiy - Counter Attack

Welcome gentlemen.

I played a 1750 game against my arch nemesis Dr Alex, with my Schwerepanzerjager company against his Pulyemyetno-Artillyeriyskiy.
Now once again my anti tank army is against no tanks and I'm playing my much disliked Fortified Company.
Field of battle

Schwerepanzerjager (From Bridge By Bridge)
Hq StuG
4 StuG's
3 Jagdpanthers
2 whirblwind
3 section grenadier with a Faust
3 section grenadier with a Faust
2 section mortars

Pulyemyetno-Artillyeriyskiy (From Red Bear)
Pulyemyetno-Artillyeriyskiy Batalon HQ
Pulyemyetno-Artillyeriyskiy Company (HMG'S and MG with trench lines)
Pulyemyetno-Artillyeriyskiy Company (HMG'S and MG with trench lines)
Artillery Group (8 76mm ZIS-3 field gun)
Tank Destruction Company (4 100mm BS-3 gun)
Strelkovy company
Reserve Artillery Battalion (4 152mm ML-20 obr 1931/37 howitzer)
Limited Air Support Il-2 Shturmovik
More gun pits!

We rolled up counter attack, and ale deployed, keeping his BS3's in ambush.

I realised staying still would not work due to his artillery, I also guessed my best option was to go for the other objective as he realistically could move 3 platoons!
My deployment
Alex's deployment
I deployed the Jagdpanthers to threaten him, and the StuG's would move after the in defended objective, the infantry would plug any gaps.
Oh dear - my bad
I started turn one with the mortars staying silent, the StuG's started to move out wary of the enemy air, meanwhile the Jagdpanthers hit rather badly at the enemy in front of them.
Things go from Bad
Alex deployed his ambush, with two guns at the Jagdpanthers and two aiming towards my StuG's, his strelkovy also moved out, he did reduce my AA with his Zis3 rather irritatingly, and incinerated a Jagdpanther.
To worse
With my Jag's under a ranged in marker my plan was to try and bust through some HMG's to let the infantry pour through, the StuG's continued their trek using MG's to mow down some strelkovy.
Strelkovy on the move
The Jag's assault went badly with one getting bailed, the other failing it's counter attack role an running off!

Things looked bad as Alex's artillery continued to hit, my front infantry platoon would not unpin, and a lucky shot took out another Stug.
StuG's moving
Realising I couldn't just let him pummel me at range, the StuG's closes in on the strelkovy, this prompted him to move his further Pulyemyetno-Artillyeriyskiy Company after the far objective as they were losing bases. I attempted an assault reducing the strelkovy to 5 bases, they all hit in return, I again failed two armour saves and my motivation, leaving only my IC and one Stug.
Strelkovy and the ulyemyetno-Artillyeriyskiy Company moving to an objective
Things were looking bad now, alex thankfully found his artillery couldn't range in, but with the Pulyemyetno-Artillyeriyskiy Company close by it looked like there would be too many bodies for the StuG's to clear.
Alex's flank looking secure
In a plan smacking of desperation my now unpinned front infantry group assaulted the part damaged Pulyemyetno-Artillyeriyskiy Company under some smoke, pinning them on the way in.
Dead Stug's
Stugs Assault badly
After inflicting some damage up close alex not only failed his platoon moral test but rolled a 1 for the commissar reroll - leaving his flank wide open.
Infantry prepare to attack the flank
The StuG's whittled down the strelkovy and the advancing Pulyemyetno-Artillyeriyskiy Company - they seemed impervious to artillery and zis3's, the BS3's being wide of the mark!
2 Stug's keeping me in the game!
The brave grenadiers assaulted his BS3's and zis3's again doing a pin, and not getting bounced, wiping out the BS3's
Demolished alex's Pulyemyetno-Artillyeriyskiy Company on the flank
From there the StuG's emboldened by their colleagues success drove off the strelkovy, leaving no enemy teams near the far objective, with that my forces emerged bloody but victorious!
I've the objective, and my MG's mean you can't take it :)
Well that's now a couple of games (all against infantry!) and the list is underwhelming, it seems the infantry are doing a lot of the heavy lifting currently, and as I worryingly suspected the Jagdpanthers are overcosted!
Infantry eye up some Zis3's having taken out the BS3's
Into Alex's artillery park!
But I've survived, now I just want to fight some tanks!

Thanks for Reading

Dr Cox


  1. Nice report, with a table full of great minis! I do like the artillery pack!

  2. Without tanks to shoot at those JPs are nothing but StuGs in the grand scheme of things. I ran a full StuG batterie in a 5 game tournament last weekend and did so-so, I was fairly underwhelmed like you. 3 tank platoons are unreliable at best and I suffered for it. You managed a good recovery in this game, I thought it was all over towards the end!

  3. As much as I love the Jagdpanther, ... its probably my favourite looking tank of the war,... even in themed battles against a tank force of XXX Corp, its virtually overkill against the Shermans... you end up feeling the points could be better spent elsewhere... against infantry/guns as above, you would have been better off with something more useful I guess... But you did wonderfully hanging in there and pulling it out at the end!

  4. Wow, talk about a turn-around. Great show!

    If you're going to run what is essentially a tank company, why no recon?

    1. That was my first point to Adam, but the list has no recon at all!

  5. It's the main problem with the list the lack of recon!

    Part of me is thinking of a list with 2 HQ StuG's, 2 platoons of 4 StuG's, 2 JP, mortars and 1 infantry platoon with schrek and hq Faust!

    Gives me the option to KG another platoon of StuGs