Friday, 1 March 2013

US Paratrooper for Market Garden - Mortars

Hello All

Ben here with a painting update, this time for my my for 101st Airborne Market Garden army.

I have added a platoon of Mortars to give my force some artillery and smoke to the army. As all the models were the same I mixed up the 3rd crew man with some spare models from other platoons.

I enjoyed painting them as I have most of the Market Garden force.
 I'm not sure I'll use these much as for only 10pts more you get the 75mm Para Artillery seems a much better buy. It gets a staff team, observer, one better anti tank in bombardment and can use the AOP, it seems a bit of a bargain!
Well next up I have some Jeeps, well lots of Jeeps!

Thanks for looking and until next time



  1. If you take a Mortar platoon You take it for smoke bombardments not for the normal bombardments. You have 4 dice to try to range in. Because it is a Weapons Platoon it may use the Under Command special rule. Having a Mortar platoon and the 75mm Artillery in your company is even better.

    1. I see what your saying, but the 75mm gets 4 dice to range in if you use the AOP and can have a range in marker for normal bombardments.

      I just think for 10pts more it's a much better deal.

    2. Both! That's what I prefer!

  2. no you use the 4 mortar platoon for barrages.The single one if for smoke. It works well for i am running around a 80% winning ratio.