Monday, 18 March 2013

Tale of Winter Gamers - 4th Month - 25th Panzergrenadierkompanie

Hi everyone sorry for the late post on this months update ToTWG Post.

This month, all I had to paint were my Hetzers, leaving me only my Panthers for next month.

As for terrain, I had a slight delay as rumour had it the lovely Winner Dave may have got me some for my birthday, and lo and behold the rumour mill was right!

I got some lovely frozen ponds, for those who don't know the rules are

Crossing the Pond
For light vehicles, such as trucks, jeeps, and other utility vehicles, a frozen river or pond is easier to cross. For these vehicles a frozen pond is rated as Cross-country terrain covered in Ice. However, a crossing is far more risky for armoured vehicles. When an Armoured vehicle attempts to cross a frozen river, it must roll a die and add 3 to the result. If the total is less than the vehicle’s Front armour, the ice gives way under the vehicle’s weight and the vehicle is Destroyed. Otherwise the vehicle safely navigates the river and it may continue as normal.


If a vehicle moves more than 8"/20cm in the Movement Step, at the end of its movement roll a Skill Check for that vehicle. If successful, the vehicle navigates through the ice and carries on unharmed. Otherwise, the vehicle slips on the ice and becomes Bogged Down. 

We also had our first game between myself and Ben, with Ben winning 4-3 IIRC here's a couple of photos

Well hope you enjoy the brief update and time to fit my Panthers amongst all these Volksgrenadiers!

Thanks for reading

Dr Cox

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  1. damn that is a nice looking winter set up guys! Great looking stuff.