Friday, 4 July 2014

Welsh Open 2014 AAR and Photo Dump

Hello All

Last weekend we all went to Welsh Open at Firestorm Games in Cardiff. This is one of our favourite events, (you can see what we got up to last year in the MW tournament), this year was 1550pts EW which is rapidly becoming my favourite period!
Between us we had a nice mix of lists. Adam took his Finnish he's been painting up for awhile now, I took my T-26 horde, Winner Dave took his Japanese, Alex took the jock column and Jeresy James rounded us out with this Italians.


It was a strong showing from the Bournemouth gamers with Cid missing out on 1st on count back, Kevin "the silver fox" Perry finished 3rd and Adam finished joint 4th. Winner Dave finish joint 18th and myself and Alex finished 1 point behind him joint 23rd (these are all out of 40).

Winner Dave also won best painted army.

Closing thoughts

The event as always was awesome, the welsh guys know how to run an event and were accommodating and friendly as can be. The prize support was not quite as good as last year but still good and everyone got a prize of atleast a £7.50 blister of their choice. The food this year was provided by a local restaurant and was top notch. 

Next year is going to be Late War 1800pts and will again be the last weekend of June. If you can make it I would highly recommend going, this is easily in the contension for the best Flames of War comp in the uk. 

Photo Dump


  1. Those are some very nice tables and armies.

    And a great job on winning best painted Winner Dave. Well deserved and glad to see the goal of winning one is accomplished.

  2. Well done guys, a strong showing all round. Looks like a great tournament, love the various headwear on display! Cheers, Paul :-)