Monday, 7 July 2014

Bovington Tank Museum - Wargame Convertion 5th/6th July

Hello all

This weekend we all went to the Bovington Tank museum for the annual wargaming convertion put on by Battlegroup South. Myself and Winner Dave played in a big game of FOW that was about 12k a side while Ben, George and Ben's daughter Jessica looked around the convention.

From the mighty Staghound to the humble Jagdtiger they are all there, and it's hard, when you have all your toys with you, to not try and do a scale comparison! We were lucky that our FLGS has a pitch there, and this year opted to do demo games both days, and Saturday was FoW. But first Ben to talk about the convention.

Hi all, the wargaming convention at Bonvington has been going on for years, but for one reason or another I have never been able to go, but this year thanks to move moving my week off I was free and determined to go. The convention itself is quite small compared to the conventions I have been to before (Colours and Warfare) there was only about 20 venders and about 20 games going on, most of the games weren't for the general public but display games which while if meant the games went quickly and looked great it did mean there wasn't that much for us to do. 

There was a great modelling section with some expert 1/32 scale models who were more than happy to give out advice and the two vietnam games looked awesome and I got some nice terrain ideas off of the players. Entry to the event also gives you an annual pass to go back to Bovington for free! Not bad value for £12.50.

But the coolest part was being around the tanks, everything from a mark IV WW1 tank to the modern day Challenger II, the worlds only working Tiger tank and a whole host of expertimal British 1920s to 1980s tanks. 

I'm not sure if I would go next year as a punter but I think I would defiantly go again to run a game, just need to decide between WW1, WW2 or Nam and let's not even get started on a themed battle!

Photo Dump
Dave grow up!
Jessie asked to climb on all the tanks, it was nice to have one she was
allowed to climb on!
A Pershing! Just like the 3 on my painting table.
A WW1 game in fall follow
A Comet, coming to a FOW table near you soon!
A Jagdtiger upper hull that the British Army used for target practice!
A 1/32 scale Hetzer based on a one the Czech Police converted for
riot control
Jess guards a King Tiger
A working replica of the A7V
Man this made me want to get my Helicopters painted!
Finnish StuG
Local beer!

mighty Staghound!
Panzer IV

Humble Jagdtiger
love a dingo

love a roo!
Finnish T-26!
Locust - varsity anyone?
We were provided with a lovely beech assault table (we reckon somewhere like Italy) and brought out all the toys! We agreed for a late 43/early 44 mix - so fireflies and panthers are the technological peak!

I think it's the first time I've had most of my toys on a table - we had three aside, we had very flexible rules - and flexible reserves - this was a game for fun. The idea was that armour would not be deployed initially, German infantry was CT - FJ's FV, German armour was CV. Brit infantry was CV, paras FV, armour CT. The aim for the Brits was to capture the monastery, the Germans had to throw the Brits into the sea!

The game was brilliant - the Brits took a fair old pounding getting off the beach, whilst the German armour counter attacked hard - after 6 hours we called it a draw (though the Germans insisted they were winning - they were - Ben

Alongside the game were shed loads of tanks obviously, numerous stands, including warlord games, PSC, DZC and many more - models, paints and terrain in between every display - and lots of demo games too.

Once again if you like FoW and want inspiration visit here - and if you're a wargamer then visit this event!
and as always a hetzer hiding at the end
Thanks for looking 

Adam, Ben and Winner Dave 


  1. Nice event indeed. We headed down on Sunday to check it out, and was happy to have done so! Not sure if it will be something regular for us, but definitely was something different for a Sunday outing!

  2. Its a shame we were at Tankfest the weekend before, might have to swap and do the modelshow again next year!

  3. Thanks for all the great photos. Those king tigers are massive!

  4. When I travel home to visit my family I'm definitely planning to drag my wife and son to Bovington. I need to see these machines in person.