Friday, 18 July 2014

German Reinforcements for Late Late War

Hi everyone i'm back with a few more models to display.

One of the nice thing with the last couple of Late war books - Desperate measures and Remagen, is that there are some really cool toys now available to the germans - conversely they also cost a lot in points terms, but to me they are just awesome models with great rules!
When Desperate Measures came out initially I really wanted to do a force for it, even if it was only slightly sprucing up my Panzers - the problem was I had a mountain of painting and really didn't want to get any more to add to it. Thankfully along came my birthday and my good buddy Alex said he's get me the model I think is the pinnacle of AA in FoW - the Ostwind - the only problem was it took me about two months to get the buggers!

On the bright side though, unlike my whirblwinds these guys have plastic tracks! which just made them so nice and easy to put together - as well as look all nice and crisp! I painted the camo with the airbrush, and them picked out details with my paintbrush, before doing some sponge chipping and some weathering with the PSC weathering paints.
In game terms they are awesome I think, mobile, an ok armour, 4 shots, AT6, FP 4+ - great against planes and dug in infantry!
But how easy is it to hit infantry unless the Gone to Ground is lifted? hence recon, and these guys are one of the two that I love! I just walked into my FLGS and he was putting up these guys on the shelf (and some of the 38t recon I also love) so having to decide which I wanted I grabbed these two.
And seriously they are recon with pak 40's - they are just asking to die as your recon should really never be shooting - but on the other hand a pak 40 is great for shooting!
Again painted them much as above - unlike the Ostwinds I've not used them yet, but will be looking forward to pairing them with my 234/1's for a game or two! Only question now is do i strip my 234/1's....

Thanks Adam

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