Wednesday, 2 July 2014

AAR - SS Westfalen vs Tankovy - Surrounded

Hi all, 

with the new Bridge at Ramargen book in my hands I really wanted to try out the new another SS-Panzer brigade Westfalen list. It looks like a solid list and who doesn't like enjoy the war on a 2+? With none of us having a full US army built (Ben's Armoured Rifles have a grand total on 1 painted model!) it feel to Winner’s Tankovy from Desperate Measures to be the opponents. 

We rolled Surrounded, and as I auto defended Dave had to attack.

SS-Westfalen (Fearles Trained)
  • HQ + 2 Schreaks + 2 Trap Teams
  • Full Ersatz SS platoon
  • Full Ersatz SS platoon
  • 2 Ersatz SS Mortars
  • 4 Ersatz SS HMGS
  • 3 15cm Volks rocket launchers (RT)
  • 3 Jagdpanthers RV
  • 2 Panthers (RT)
Tankovy (Fearless Trained)
  • HQ T-34/85
  • 10 T/34/85
  • 10 T-34/85
  • 4 BA-64's
  • Full Rota + .50cals


Dave placed the two objectives at opposite ends of the objective area. I had come into this game with the plan that I wanted to make the most of the ‘enjoy the war 2+’ and combat attached the HMG’s and deployed the SS platoons, HMG’s and panzerschrek on each objective. The mortars I placed behind the hill centrally, with the panthers in the middle able to move either side. Meanwhile the rocket launchers were place near one of the SS platoons on the right of the board. The Jadpanthers were kept inimmediate ambush (they typically rolled clever Hans).

Dave deployed one tank company at either end to rush the objectives with the rota also within striking distance of the one on the right of the board and the BA’s on the far left side. With those deployed, I deployed the Jagdpanthers in site of the T-34’s on the right side.Dave’s BA 10’s moved towards my guys with their recce move.

Turn 1
Dave started by advancing all his forces towards the objectives, both T34 platoons fired shots at the infantry but missed, whilst the rota tried to outflank behind the wood on the right. Dave also used his command T-34 to fire at a spotter of mine on the hill, he hit 4 times, but 4 6’s saved him.

I kept my Infantry platoons stationary, but moved the panthers to engage the T-34’s on the right. Between them and the jagdpanthers 2 were bailed and 2 destroyed, the nebs hit the BA’s bailing one, whilst the Mortars smoked the battalion commander. I deployed the trap teams on the left T-34 platoon but only managed to bail 1.

Turn 2
On the left the T-34’s destroyed the two trap teams whilst the BA’s failed to lift GtG and dave failed to damage the SS platoon over there. The left T-34’s advanced further but failed to damage the panthers, whilst the battalion commander also missed. The rota had more success using their 50 cals to kill an infantry stand.

The Panthers and Jagdpathers returned fire on the t-34’s reducing them to 3. before the jagdpathers starting moving off to engage the other t-34’s. again the Nebs and mortars repeated turn one’s move.

Turn 3
On the right dave moved the rota into charge range, whilst on the left the T-34’s continued to press up to the SS. On the right the remaining T-34’s moved up to support the rota. Despite a veritable bucketload of SMG’s and a flamethrower Dave failed to pin the SS and declined to charge, whilst on the right the SS held up under the enormous fire from the T-34’s.

In return the Jagdpanthers now moving across the board killed 2 T-34’s and the SS on the right attacked the rota wiping them out but taking casualties on the way. With onlt 2 T34’s the Panthers also started to cross the board.

Turn 4

With the armour leaving the T34’s on the right attacked the shattered SS platoon, leaving them to enjoy the war which all but the HMG’s failed! The T34’s continued to attack the infantry whittling a couple of stands whilst the battalion commander shot one jagpanther to pieces

The pathers returned to deal with the T-34’s and destroyed one, at this point we realised one was still bailed! They also accounted for the battalion commander.The jadpanthers continued to move forwards destroying another t-34.

Turn 5
The right T-34 destroyed the 2 HMG’s just leaving the commander, whilst the t-34’s continued to attack the infantry, but again only removing one stand

The Panthers chased shot and destroyed another t-34. the jagdpanthers missed the t-34’s.

Turn 6
The T34’s on the right outflanked the jagdpanthers killing another – and the 3rd ran away. The last T-34’s tried to kill the army commander but failed.

The panthers killed the last t-34 and started making their way across the board. The SS, on the left fired at the T-34’s who were now spread out under smoke, but failed their tank terror test

Turn 7
Having spent time removing the odd stand from the westfalen, and with no armour near by dave tried to move the T-34’s to assault, the remaining 3 stands of SS infantry – with some extra shots to pin them from the armoured cars.  However despite there being only three shots, all three hit, and all bailed a tank!

With the panthers trying to help out it was getting desperate. The mortars moved to direct fire at the BA’s with little effect and the nebs missed. The 2IC and platoon commander  though assaulted the T-34’s despite the death of the 2IC the platoon commander contacted the T-34’s and destroyed one. Dave subsequently failed to counter, allowing him to capture all the bailed ones!

Turn 8
With 2 stands left the armoured cars and sole surviving t-34 (we didn’t remove markers sorry) assaulted the SS, wiping them out, and spreading out all over the objective.

With the armoured cars in the way there was no way toclaim the objective, Nebs and mortars tried to damage the armoured cars with no luck. But the Panthers managed to hit the last T-34, though only bailed him. This was it, if Dave failed the morale test with No IC I’d win, if he passed he had the objective – and well he ain’t called ‘winner Dave’ for nothing – a 2 was rolled.

So 4-3 to the SS – but what a game – I love it when it’s down to one dice roll. At various times we both had shocking dice, and great dice. 

I think if Dave had sent both T-34 platoons after one objective I would not have had the AT to deal with them, I also spannered up by treating my sniping Jagdpathers as tanks and losing them to flank shots. 

The big SS platoons were cool, though I think I rolled 5 1’s for enjoy the war in the end. Even though I’m planning on adding Ostwinds when I finish painting them, I think a couple of HMG’s were useful. 

Anyway hope you enjoyed, till next time
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  1. Oh dear Dave, you committed the cardinal sin AGAIN of splitting your force. Always use the T34 platoons to support each other LOL

    1. That had been the plan in my head...but as always I create my near infallible plans and then decide on the element of surprise...unfortunately I surprise myself and do something completely different :)

  2. That post took me 7 attempts. No wonder some people don't bother. It really is excruciatingly difficult to post via that stupid Gmail thing

    1. Rob you're such a Neanderthal, we don't even have the captcha thing turned on. :)

  3. Cor robins evolving ! Nice battle report guys. Makes me wanna checkout the Germans in the Remargen book.