Wednesday, 16 July 2014

Finnish AT and AA guns

Hi all another Finnish update this time it's guns! 
Finn's have vast numbers if different options throughout the war, so I've again magnetized the bases (not the AA as of two options the bases were too different). The nice part is that the guns are able to look battle worn too - and I've tried to again go for that look with lots of tri colour camo peeking through.

The one issue with them in game is that you only ever get two guns - which means it's tough both defensively and offensively vs tanks - but then that was the situation on the ground.

As you can see I've also ensured I can be a gamey hit by having the Pak 40 fit on the small base!
 As mentioned with the artillery crew you get lots of models with both of these packs, there are a couple of sculpts i'm not a fan of, especially the loader for the AT guns, but the others all work nicely. I also like how easily the crew for the Bofors fit on the model.

Anyway I hope you like! Till next time 



  1. Excellent work, paintjob and basing are excellent, very atmospheric...

  2. Cheers - the finn's have learnt that winter/Russia is coming

  3. Really good. Great result on these.