Friday, 25 July 2014

Auto Defend Lists and the Meta

Hi all,

it's been a while since I rambled but here's a thought which has been playing on my mind - will auto defend lists change the meta?
I'm certain many of you will rightly point out fortified lists have done this for years. But the difference there is the points for static fortifications, and their deployment before objectives. This time the points are just going on the army and nothing else.
Strangely I also think only a few armies will really notice the difference, mech and tank lists already attack frequently (and many effective lists in these categories auto attack) but infantry armies will be most hurt I think.
Most infantry armies can attack, but few excel at it, with the vast majority excelling at sitting in their foxholes. I say most as a Brit airlanding list for example wants to attack frequently! But taking a list like winner's FJ's or a US infantry list backed up by multiple artillery slots - you've now got to advance in mass against big cats etc.

Now conversely the best lists for dealing with big cats I feel are infantry, with a few high end AT weapons like fausts/bazookas you can swap the half dozen or so big cats on the table. The difficulty is against their infantry. You have got to come at them, they're dug in GtG and range from conscript to vet, if you're a US player ToT is less useful if the target is static. The cheap artillery in these lists is also great, it's just there to hit and cause pinning/kills firepower is almost irrelevant.
Now I'm definitely not saying these lists are top tier, but they will force infantry lists to look at their mobility to get to objectives more so than before, do you have the protection? The numbers? The mobility to get into the tanks and into the objective. Conversely for the defender, you're core choices can deal with any tank, can your support deal with the grunts? 

Anyway I hope you find these thoughts interesting. Till next time



  1. As a Brit infantry (Mostly Canadians) player, I’d say no, I’m not worried.

    Night Attack, Smoke, Night Attack, did I mention Night Attack?

    With good armoured support, my only worry would be how quickly I can get over to assault really.

  2. I agree that I think Brit infantry is probably one of the safest vets to take on these lists.

  3. I'd take auto-attack over auto-defend any day. I'd rather have more control over the game as it develops than at deployment. Having said that, it is good to see all nations now having a variety of lists available to represent their peaks and troughs throughout the war. Brit/Canadian infantry are a better proposition, they have the natural defensive qualities of an infantry company, but can attack when they have to.