Tuesday, 29 July 2014

The Great War - Tommies Part II - Unboxing

Back once again and today we're un-boxing some more Brits for the all new Great War range from Battlefront.

Let's start with GBR571, OQF 18 pdr
You get 2 very nice looking guns and 2 even nicer looking carriages.  I didn't have to do much the in the way of clean up and they went together well.  The only thing I found was that I had to do was use a pin vice to widen the holes in the wheels for the axle.

 Here's the crew, surprisingly these were quite a bit of work to clean up as there were lots of mould lines.
Amounts: 2,2,2,2,2
 The command crew...with our old favourite Mr Wolff...
Amounts: 1,1,1
 Good little blister pack, went together nicely.

Next up, the Whippet GBR080.  This is one cool looking vehicle.
You get a standard set of 7 MGs, but after looking at some pics I saw BF were only sticking the front and rear ones on (4 was standard armament), but with only 2 crew 2 would only really be being used.  This went together so well.  Resin body, metal tracks...great job, I imagine I'll be getting a few more of these.
 Sorry for graininess, should have paused to clean the needle.

Finally, the tank you've been waiting for...the Mark IV GBBX01.  You get 2 in a box, with enough sponsons to make both Male and Female variants.  The hull, tracks and sponsons are resin, the detailing (rails, wood, guns) are all metal.
I didn't get any magnets in my pre-production pack...that's not to say that there won't be but don't be surprised if there aren't any.  I bought some 5mm x 0.5mm magnets.  That's when I discovered that the holes in the resin side and sponsons needed a fair amount of work in order to get the magnets to fit, which was a touch frustrating, also 0.5mm thickness is too thin and I had to double up.  My tip is to buy some 4mm x 1mm magnets.  (For those of you in the UK I highly recommend Spider Magnets on eBay, fast delivery and cheap)
The rails look like they'd be hard work, but actually they stuck on without too much hassle at all.

I can't wait to paint these suckers...they are just calling out for some paint, but I'm going to discipline myself and start with the rifle platoon...these tanks will be my reward.

I just had to rescue these from the bin as I forgot all about them, the Jerry stuff is a nice touch.
Thanks for reading, hope this gets your Great War juices flowing



  1. Lack of magnets is disappointing but they are trying to get us to buy more darn blisters after all :)

  2. Great review. Looking forward to Great War gaming.