Wednesday, 23 July 2014

Razvedki Platoon


I've been looking forward to getting on with this platoon for a long time now (since BA2 in February).  However it's been really hard getting my hands on all the constituent parts.  In fact I'm still missing a blister pack of Mounted Razvedki Crew, but I'm fed up of waiting.

So here we have 5 White Scout Car and a selection of Razvedki Crew.  A stand of 4 flam throwers (thanks Ben).  8 Panzer fausts which I ordered directly from BF.  An SMG company blister and also some Soviet Casualties (for hit markers)

I love these fellas, the 50 cals mean you have a chance of digging out infantry.  The flamethrower gives you the opportunity to pin before you assault (providing you hit of course)
I'm going to kick things off with the scout cars...

My Razvedki finally arrived today, after 4 months, 5 drivers and 5 50cals, which are the important bits...unlike the second hand bunch you can see in the above photo, which has 2 drivers and 4 50cals...last time I buy anything second hand.

Scout cars done, these were pretty fun to paint and as it's a flat colour I feel happy to go for it with the weathering effects.  I find Battlefront decals nearly always fall apart, which you can see on the star below, but it looks kinda cool anyway.  also Vallejo Decal medium...what a pile of crap.  I keep meaning to throw it away and buy some MicroSol but always forget.

As this is the car my commander will be driving about in, I've put an extra star on the back.
Group shot
Next up the SMG platoon, with added flame, faust and casualties.  In order to maintain the momentum I'm painting the absolute minimum that I can get away with, so 45 figs, making the assumption that I'll always take a flame-thrower stand.

A week later and they're done
Just the Riders to go...ugh bit tired of infantry now...give me a tank any day :)

Another week later...

I started to rush towards the end there, partly due to boredom, partly because I wanted them finished today (today being the day before Adam's wedding) and mostly because an entire Great War British army landed on my painting desk and I want to get cracking.

I need to return to these fellas at some point...I'd like a bit of baggae on the sides of the cars, some rope around the front bumper?  and the decal really need sorting out...hopefullt some microsol will help.

Thanks for reading, it's relief to finally get this platoon done.



  1. 1 week for an infantry platoon! Wow, you are a machine! The platoon looks really good. I'm not a big fan of battlefront decals myself. I find they are too stiff and often fall apart. Sadly, Dom doesn't make soviet decals. You could use his for the stars though. I use microsol and set. Mostly the one that softens the decal (sol I think). It seems to eliminate most silvering once I spray a gloss coat over the set decal.

    1. Well, I did have to take a couple of days off work to do it :)
      Plastic soldier company make Soviet decals, they are very good and hold together well...downside is that you just don't get enough stars.

      My MicroSol arrived the day after I finished these...typical :)

      Thanks for the comments

  2. They look great! I love the variety of poses and the guys hanging off the sides of the vehicles. You've even done the pinned markers, show off! I have some of those but I've put off painting them for about three years now. The Razvedki look a promising unit, will be interested to hear how they go for you on the tabletop. Cheers, Paul :-)

    1. I'll probably use them as "hit" counters and also for visual fluff when doing AARs.
      Friend of mine has even done bailed out tank crew...which is an awsome idea and something I've got to copy.

      Glad I did them at the same time, as otherwise they'd end up like yours sat in a draw for 3 years.

      Cheers buddy.

  3. Excellent result. Well done and speedy as well.

  4. Look really excellent Dave. I've tried to use the pumice gel before (the one I've got is dries clear though) & always found it shrinks a bit so had to go over it again hence why I've got back to good old polyfiller mixed with sand. Have you experienced this shrinking problem too?

    1. I've noticed a tiny bit of shrinkage, but only about 1/2 a millimetre, definitely not enough to make me think about doing another layer, perhaps its particular to the gel??? I'll keep a closer eye and report back.