Monday, 18 November 2013

Universal carriers and Wasps

Hello All

Adam here with my next unit I've done are the tiny universal carriers, and there related unit, wasps.
These guys are a one piece hull, with the crew coming separate, to paint this I did the hull as I do all my tanks and then did the crew separately - I was relatively pleased until I found out that the crew attached to the MG on the carriers just didn't fit smoothly into the socket on the front of the carrier which was a bit irritating.

In game terms these guys each have clearly defined roles - which fits in with the british army in many ways, every unit has a purpose. the carriers are for recon and very little else, they can get upgrades of extra MG's or PIATS but they'll still die anyway - and if they shoot they're not lifting GtG a major aim for any attacking infantry or tank force!
The wasps are there to pin and to kill frankly. Flamethrowers may be one use, but timed correctly they're fantastic. I've also really enjoyed using flamethrowers with infantry to assault tanks, reducing the amount of defensive fire is very helpful.

Well it's a small post this time, but I hope you like these small units


  1. Very nice. I am painting up a platoon of carriers next. Always nice to see more of them.

    Any ideas on what to do to make the one crew member fit better? Trim him down before painting?

  2. Lovely work. Can't have Brits without Carriers, that's an unwritten rule!

  3. I did a trial for with the crew before painting and then trimmed them a bit more (guessing the extra paint/varnish will bulk them a bit)

    Still not perfect but not too bad I hope! And yes Brits best recon is carriers IMHO (or maybe Stuart's - depends on my mood!)

  4. All look very nice and completely agree on those MG crew - utter pain in the rump to get them to look good.

    I've found .50 cals added to these are super helpful in taking out lightly armoured vehicles like 1/2-tracks.

  5. Looking good. Cool vehicles these.