Saturday, 9 November 2013

Early War Soviet T-26 Horde!

Hello All

Been a while since I updated my army progress for my Reading Warfare challenge, so here is 25 T-26's!
These Zvezda tanks were very quick to build and paint. I was surprised by the level of detail for the cost, still nowhere near as good as the Battlefront versions but for the cost I think they are excellent!
I had to convert the four command models a little for the well documented fact that the hatches are moulded to the turrets, but with a hobby knife and a few spare T-34 hatches I had no problems.
The paint job was very simple, I painted the whole tank Russian Green (this took 3 coats which surprised me!) then a quick dry brush of Green Grey (not Grey Green Adam!) followed by my normal black lining,
Well thats it for now, look out for another update very soon.

Thanks for reading Ben