Friday, 15 November 2013

Soviet KhT-26's and Pre Reading Warfare Analysis

Hello All

This is the last update for my Road to Warfare challenge. A platoon of Kht-26 to round out the army
These Kht-26's are from Zvezda and it's a pretty nice piece of kit. My only worry with them is the Flamethrower, it's very thin and one or two of them have already started to bend...

For the command tank I was able to cut the modeled hatch away and using a spare plastic T-34 hatch I was able to shape it into a similar shape.
These guys can be pretty brutal on the board, with two flamethrower shots and being able to charge thanks to being Soviet Flame Tanks they are an infantry armies nightmare even if they are Conscript.
The army as a whole bar the BA-7a's as I forgot to stop them up.
So tomorrow is Reading Warfare and I find myself wondering how I will fair. I'm still new to Early War and it is a very different beast from Late War. Early War I think is a little more dependent on you list which leads to a rock, paper, scissors, lizard, Spock on the match ups. I will add to this I'm loving Early War with it's steampunk looking tanks and it's crappy fire powers it really has a different charm!

So far I have played 4 games going 2 and 2, from this I haven't learnt much I didn't know before the games. Heavy Armour is my bane, Infantry can be run over pretty quickly through shear weight of numbers and against Light and Medium tanks I need to focus my tanks so counter attack in force. The fact the list auto attacks has been a been a great thing and a bad thing. When I played against French armour with 3 Char-B's they able to sit on an objective and pummel me, where against some German Armour I was able to gang up on them thanks to the mission having the mobile reserves rule (which still didn't help me win but it did give my an advantage).
A practice game against Robin Spence, this one ended up 5-2 to Robin
I have had a love hate relationship with the I-153. I don't expect much from a sporadic plane, but in four games every time it has turned up I have had one plane, one! In one game it turned up four or five times and to only get one plane each time! It did kill two Crusaders and a Portee tank but it could have killed so much more if I have had two or three planes turning up.

So my expectations of the weekend are probably a little lower than normal. I'm expecting (hoping) for a two win weekend out of the four games but I'm not sure. I think I'll probably just go sod it and look to have a fun aggressive weekend and see what happens.

Thanks for reading and wish me good luck at the weekend



  1. Hello Ben,

    Lovely work. I noticed your post the other day expressing interest in joining in on the Painting Challenge. I've opened up a few slots so if you're still interested please drop me a note as I've be happy to have you aboard.