Sunday, 24 November 2013

The Fourth Annual Analogue Hobbies Painting Challenge - I'm In!

Hello All

As you may have noticed from my 2nd ID and Early War Soviets I'm always up for a painting challenge, so when Curt over at Analogue Hobbies announced his 4th Annual Painting Challenge I throw my name into the hat and (as you might have guessed from the post title) I was fortunate enough to get in!
 So what am I'm going to do?
Well I can't start painting anything until the 14th December (but they can be built and primed) so I'm going to focus and the next two tournaments I'm planning on attending Corrivalry and The Challenge. For these I will focus on Soviet Tanks and Early War Gebirgsjäger all of which at built and are in need of some love. But I'm not just going to be boring and focus of tournament stuff, oh no. At Reading I finally picked up Check Your Six!, I have been thinking about buying this game for about 4 years now and when I saw it on the shelf I knew I would have to get it. So being British I had to order a load of Museum Miniatures Hurricanes and Me 109's. Add to that I will probably pick up a few German Bombers to play a few Battle of Britain themed games.

So wish me luck and I'm hopefully focused to finish lots of more lovely models!



  1. Interested in Check your six, looking forward to some reviews! Oh, and good luck with the painting!

  2. Happy painting for the challenge.

  3. Thanks Guys

    @ Fez-man - I'm looking forward to trying it, it looks simple but in a good way from a quick read through. I'm sure a review and some AARs will be on the cards.