Thursday, 7 November 2013

Beyond The Foxholes Episode 6 - The Road To Oxford Pairs

Hello All

Welcome to Beyond The Foxholes Episode 6

We join Adam and Winner Dave as they travel up to the Oxford Pairs Event.

In Part 1 the guys talk about what they have been up to, their lists for the events, their expectations and then Winner Dave and Adam butcher some German and Finnish pronunciations as they talk about the lists they will be facing.

In Part 2 the guys are a little hungover as they talk about the first 3 games of the event and Adam's new found hate for using Land Mattresses.
(Note- Adam means the 150th Panzer Brigade and not the 150th Panzer Division in his game 1)

In Part 3 the guys talk about their last 3 games from Oxford, what they would change about their lists and their overall thoughts on the event and the incoming storm!

As always we'd love to hear your feed back.

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  1. Good episode. It's always nice to hear about different events. Interesting points on your army list choices and the effects of the different tables.