Wednesday, 30 October 2013

Oxford Pairs Doubles Tournament - AAR and Photodump

Hey everyone,

just got back from Oxford pairs, thought we'd share some photos from the event.

The upcoming podcast will have our 'full' (if tired/hungover) review of the event which will be up shortly. Hopefully this will give you an idea of how it all ended up.

Through the magic of the FoW forum


Winner Dave's point of view...on taking the FJs

Tournaments teach you a lot about the army you're fielding, every tournament I've come back from (and I think I speak for Adam and Ben as well), first thing I've wanted to do it jump on easy army and have a fiddle.

Oxford pairs was no exception so i'm currently in the process of re-designing the list.

First, artillery.  For me the artillery was spectacularly underwhelming, sure it pins and smokes, but unless you're on the offensive, that's really not enough for the cost.  I think mortars are cheap enough to do the job equally well, so they may be lost from the list for a while.

Flak 88s, I'm not done with these bad boys yet, I think I need to get better at deploying them.  Although for my next iteration, I might drop the extra crew as I intend to use them to deploy them behind los blocking terrain, that scrapes me back a few more points.

Big platoons...yep, I'm definitely going back to big platoons.  Whilst infantry is hard to dig out, they're not too hard to weaken to a point that makes them assault-able, especially if they are only 8 stands big.  Back to 12 stands for me.  Which reminds me...come back HMGs...all is forgiven.

Finally, tanks...I really missed having something mobile to use.  I just gotta get used to using them in conjunction with my massed I do that I don't know, but I've got to work it out.

Ultimately, sitting in foxholes is not for me.  It simply lead to some long, fairly boring games (sorry Will).

However I intend to wait for the new Italy books, before I splash some more cash on these dudes, so I'll make do with what I have until then.  Although...Marders are always good right ;)

In case any of my opponents are reading this, thank you for the games, Mike Dewberry...I'd love to have a re-match some time, that was the most blood thirsty/gripping game I've had in a long time...awesome.

One final thought...I hate Jumbos.


My only photo, Mat's tanks surround my the remnants of 2nd platoon desperately hoping the woods will shield them.  Despite killing 7 of my 9 platoons, I make 2 company morale checks and win the game as time is called and Mat hasn't taken the objective...seems a little unfair to me but apparently that's how it works...sorry Mat.

why we were worse for wear at the start - but lends 
support to the theory i play better hungover!

Thanks for looking

Adam and Winner Dave


  1. Hi Dave, I am generally an infantry player with FJ's and Americans but always like to have 2 mobile platoons ...

    With my FJ's I often take Marders and/or Panzer IV's ... generally as a defensive unit (especially the Marders) but in games Dust Up or Pincer it is really nice to pile on with 4 Panzer IV's and a shedload of infantry

  2. Hey thanks Relaxed Dave, very good to know. What sized FJ inf platoons do you usually take?