Friday, 18 October 2013

Japanese Nikuhaku Teams

Good afternoon,

This weekend I continued painting my Japanese forces, this time its the infamous Nikuhaku teams.
I actually enjoyed painting these fellas, as there's a lot less of them than the Hohei Chutai, so it was less of a chore.

Also I was more efficient with when to do what, so I've managed to blast through these guys pretty quick.
I'm quite pleased with the results, think I'm hitting my balance between quality and speed.
I've got some plans on basing them, but I ran out of white pumice doing the trees.  So basing is going on hold for a while.

Thanks for looking

Winner Dave


  1. They look really nice. I like the highlighting on the uniform and the dark shaddow left in the folds. This is something i need more practice with on 15mm figures as i'm probably using too many processes.

    The colour of their weapons is also a nice contrast that really draws the eye and tells you something about the purpose of the figure as well.

    What will the basing look like for these Japanese?


  2. Hi James, I've bought some water effects, which I've not used before, so that will be interesting :)

    The rough plan is to make the bases look like a complete picture when laid out together. So I want dry dusty base, with straw like grass, with thin streams running through it. Some rocky areas and some green grass edging the streams.

    I think it'll be fun, but I need a few more supplies before I embark on it.

    1. Sounds awesome, ive done something similar with a Warhammer regement in the past marching through a bog.

      Water effect is lots of fun to use, they key thing is to never move it once its on the model as it "fuzzes" cracks or peels sometimes. Also i tend to do one application rather than many layers as if you do your water effect well you'll be able to see layers!

      Will you be painting the base underneath and having the water clear or will you be adding washes or inks to the water effect like a medium to colour it?

      At some point i look forward to a battle against your Japanese... my unknown hero doesn't get a sword though...


    2. Yeah we should hook up for a game sometime, I hear you are playing Ben soon...hope that goes okay...Ben is a good fow teacher.

      tbh I haven't thought much about the basing. I'm mostly upset cos I haven't had an excuse to play with my airbrush in a while...hmmm those Chi Ro's need some paint and I have no Uni work until February, huzzah!

  3. Good looking figures, love the paintwork...

  4. Great job, they look fantastic!

  5. The figure of the guy holding the thermos of soup to one side and looking away from it. What is it he is supposed to be holding? It is probably self evident to those who know more about the Japanese army but I don't know anything about it.

  6. Well, I figured it was a molotov cocktail or just some kind of improvised bomb. Perhaps a sock full of C4 coated in axle grease.

  7. have you been watching saving private ryan again? :)

    I believe it is a molotov cocktail though....