Wednesday, 9 October 2013

Spring Trees/Woods

Good evening,

I used to try to stick to a strict regime with my modelling/painting.  As in, I will paint this infantry platoon, then this infantry platoon, only then can I paint these tanks etc etc etc.

I've discovered this is simply the best way for me to burn out and become tired of the thing I love doing.

Now-a-days I try to do whatever I fancy at the time, which helps keep my motivation up.  It also means I never know what I'm going to be tackling next.

On the way back from Colours, myself, Alex and I recorded the podcast and in one of my quieter moments, I thought "what shall I do next" and it hit me...trees.  I really want to make some woods.

I had these trees knocking around for ages, I bought them a couple of days before BF announced the Autumn Woods Battlefield in a Box set, but hey ho.

£18 for 25 by Noch, I bought mine from and they've spent most of their life in a box under my stairs.  However these last few days has seen their potential.

I used woodchip tiles for the bases and used a glue gun to stick the trees on.   Woodchip tiles are freakin awesome, they're about 3mm thick, got some bend in them and can be cut easily with a knife.

Then I spread Vallejo White Pumice all over the base.  For the area 'blob' I thinly spread the white pumice all over, it goes quite far if you really spread it out.

For painting I went with Vallejo Earth, drybrushed with Green Brown (of course), then finally with desert yellow.  Each shade is subtle, so you can go to town with it.

Finally I flocked the edges to blend in with my green mat.

I had some tile off cuts, so I made these rocky bits of area terrain.

I'm really pleased with how they've come out...yes the reds are bright, but the whole thing says Spring to me and I think it'll stand out on a tournament board as being a bit different.

That's my terrain fix sorted...hmm what's next????

Thanks for reading



  1. Nice looking trees, I like the colours. Funny you should mention your painting regime, as I've just had the same realisation. I used to grind my way through one project at a time, but now I keep a couple of different things on the go so I can do whatever I feel motivated to do. I find making terrain a nice break from slowly blinding myself staring at the point of a 000 brush! Things still get finished in more or less the same time frame too, and I feel less burnt out.

  2. Brighter colours look better from far away anyhow, especially at this scale. Good stuff.

  3. Thanks guys, glad to know I'm not the only one Red Dog :)
    Going to tournaments really helps burn through some of the gnarlier painting pieces, in fact in a week or two I should have a complete FJ army...only taken about 2 years.