Monday, 28 October 2013

Flak 88s for my FJ army

Apart from the awesome games and the opportunity to meet like minded people, tournaments really help me get my painting done.

For colours I had to borrow some Flak 88s, however as Ben's replacement for pairs I was determined to take all my own miniatures.

I know some people don't enjoy painting gun teams, well, I actually really do.  Whether it was the heavy mortars, pak 40s or these fellas, I like that you combine a multitude of techniques into one model and there's the bit at the end when it all comes together and boom...
My plan had been to do a detailed insight into camo striping the guns and the gunshields.  However I had a freakin nightmare with the airbrush that left me close to tears and some choice words echoing out the kitchen.  I won't bore you with the details, but I really ought to a) buy a moisture trap b) throw my 0.2mm needle and nozzle in the bin c) take a chill pill.

I ended up painting the gun shields 3 times, they are certainly not what I had in mind or had hoped for, but considering the disasters I kept producing they'll do.

On the flip side I discovered a new technique I'm keen to try out on some tanks.  The idea is I blu tack camo initially as you get some cool shapes.  Then free-hand the edges to lose the sharpness.  It's no doubt been done before and I haven't invented fire or anything but i'm glad I discovered it myself.  Whilst it is more work, it takes the best from both worlds...we'll see

These models came from Boxset GBX11, what a cool boxset, really, if it wasn't so expensive I'd buy another.  You also get a number of transport vehicles and the limbers, which I haven't painted and will probably use for objectives, but for now they are added to my long list of "stuff to paint"

In terms of my FJs that's really it, next year I plan to suppliment the army, by fleshing out with armour options, fortifications and some AA guns...oh man what am I saying, this army will never be finished :)

thanks for looking



  1. Really impressive, love the paintjob!

  2. Like images two and three, the figure placement looks great, the FlaK teams really look like they're operating together.

  3. Looks like they're up to the job! Well done.

  4. Gorgeous work! Love the subtle weathering on the shields.

  5. Thanks all, they took a battering at the weekend, both in game and literally, need some touch up work :(

  6. I like them. Interesting to hear about the 0.2mm nozzle and tip. I only use a 0.2mm needle. For some reason my 0.3mm nozzle leaks air or something and doesn't really work when I try to use it.

  7. TBH I think its my 0.2 needle and nozzle that are the problem as opposed to 0.2mm needle and nozzles in general. Remind me, what AB it is you have?

  8. Great stuff, I liked this boxed set too... though wasn't sure exactly what to do with the limbers...

  9. Very nice. I hope when I get around to painting up mine they look half as good.