Monday, 14 October 2013

Stug III's Finished

Hi All,

Andy here with another painting update. As you may have noticed its been a while since I posted up anything, I really can't match the output of the other guys! Also summer just isn't the time to be inside painting models for me. I definitely made the most of the summer while it lasted, but now its well and truly over I managed to find to find a bit of time to finish the Open Fire! Stug III's off.
I had originally planned on doing the other Grenadier platoon before the fun armour but it was just too tempting to paint some cool German tanks!
The camo stripes were done using a similar method to my Pak40's only this time I used an old brush as well to help get into some of the recesses. I love these models and the only downside to them is that Schurzen are moulded as one piece with the tracks so after a few days of not being enitely happy with them I went back and painted a black area between the Schurzen and the track. Its probably not really noticeable in the pictures and definitely won't be at gaming table distances but at least I'm happy with them now!
At some point in the future I'll probably go back and weather these but until I've got some German transfers it'll have to wait. In the mean time I'll just have to get myself motivated to finish off the other Grenadiers and that will be the Open Fire! Germans finished!

Thanks for reading.



  1. Great looking work Andy. Like the open fire models too. Nice camo work.

  2. These Stug are really nice!

  3. Thanks for the comments guys. Any suggestions on the best place to get some 15mm decals?

  4. Dom's Decals dot co dot uk

    Good looking assault guns Andy.

    1. I use a lot of Dom's Decals, they are great. Failing that thought I have a load of psare ones Andy you can have the next time your down.


  5. They look excellent. The tank commander looks brilliant.
    I always leave my weathering until the decals are on as well.