Wednesday, 23 October 2013

Faust Wielding Nut Jobs, or 3rd FJ Platoon

In preparation for Oxford pairs, I need to finish third platoon and my Flak88s. Once done, that'll be it for my Fallshirmjager...

This platoon is a short one, just 6 stand plus command team.  I got them secondhand, glued to the base and coated black.  So I prized them off the stands and went scavenging for guys armed with fausts.

Each platoon has it's own base shirt colour, 1st platoon is khaki, 2nd platoon is green and this platoon is grey.
I didn't quite have enough FJ fausts, so I used a couple of grenadiers from Peter Pig.

Like a muppet I decided to speed the drying process of the brown on the bases, by putting them in the oven.  Hence some of the more interestingly shaped bases.  Won't be doing that again.
Flak 88s to go and i'm FJ'd up to the max!
Thanks for looking



  1. Camo turned out well, and I didn't notice any basing issues until you mentioned it ;)


  2. Really nice mate, and after what you guys have been saying, I'm def going to get a short platoon to back up my 12SS guys......................maybe they'll get an outing in March!!!!

  3. They look great and I didn't notice the oven effect as well.

  4. A great stand, very nice work...lovely ground too!