Monday, 6 October 2014

The Great War - British Rifle Platoon - 2

Hello all,  I'm really pleased to have finally finished all the units from my Great War boxset.

For reasons I can't quite explain this last platoon has really dragged on.  Partly family holidays/Exams/Job interviews/Having to paint Soviet stuff/Lack of enthusiasm.

I actually started out with the intention of painting this platoon specifically for the Great War facebook competition.  In retrospect that was part of the problem, in my head I immediately made painting this platoon a big deal and every tiny mistake or bit of flash that I'd missed became a really effort to put right.

My big break came when I decided I wasn't going to enter the competition and I simply wanted to get them finished.  Don't get me wrong I think the painting competition is a fantastic idea and I do want to make the effort to enter's just that the timing didn't work well for me.
Anyway here they are, can't wait to try out the new WW1 missions with these fellas...

Take it easy guys



  1. Lovely job Dave! Really good detail & highlighting. Well done!

  2. They really look great Dave! My only suggestion would be to pre-darken the water-logged craters with a slightly darker shade of brown to simulate wet ground before adding water effects.

    But seriously, they look fantastic!

    1. Dammit, you're right. Would you mind telling Ben that we need to postpone our first game as I'm stripping the bases, I haven't got the guts to tell him myself :)

    2. Don't do it! There's so much to live for!

    3. The models look great. I know the feeling of getting stuck when trying to paint a perfect platoon. The highlighting looks really nice and smooth. I especially like the highlighting on the helmets.

      You could always add another layer of water effects and add some dark brown wash or a muddy brown colour to it. It would add some depth but not require removing anything. I added a tiny bit of earth colour to the water effects I did on my new display board and was pleased with the effect. A few patches of dead looking static grass or tufts with some bardbed wire (GF9 stuff in 15mm is pretty nice) might add to the no man's land feel and add some more interest. Just my 2 cents (or pence for you!).

    4. No Dave don't do it!!!!

      I do think we do need to muddy up our water a little bit, a little wash or another layer with brown added sounds like a good idea.

      And Dave they do look awesome!


  3. Awesome! They look really good.

  4. Replies
    1. Wow, thanks Ruben you just made my day dude ;)

  5. Really great job! Very sharp and detailed.
    Particularly like the grainy-ness of the soil - is that Vallejo pumice?


    1. Kinda, it's the Dark Earth variant, so its pre-coloured unlike white pumice.
      I left it very simple so that they'd work wherever they are placed, so inside trench or in the woods or out in the open.