Friday, 3 October 2014

Project Finland: Looted Reinforcements

Hi all,

Coxer here with a paining update for my Finnish army. I've been trying to come up with some way to link all of these looted units was about the only option.
Lets start with the tanks - The ISU-152. This was a present from Ben, and realistically there is nothing wrong with having such a ridiculous vehicle in this army - except I like vet intantry, a trained tank is very out of keeping. Historically the Finn's captured two of these, one became a recovery vehicle, the other back in working order. I painted this one in keeping with the other vehicles, tri colour camo, a white wash and then some details, nothing too swish - oh and some weathering. I'm not sure how useful it will be in game, but I'll try it out no doubt.

Next are the KV1's, I'm thinking in MW these will have a great role, anchoring my infantry line. With all round good armour, TA2, and rear MG also stops pesky infantry assaulting them, and whilst the gun is not great - nothing in the Finnish army is that great!

And next onto some artillery pieces, firstly some heavy mortars, I love these, 3+ FP and smoke bombardment means they are really versatile in their uses.I went for a basic green colour for these, and magnetised the mortar to affix to the artillery bases. As I did with the French heavy artillery, again it's tri colour camo and whitewash. These will probably be used to represent a few heavy artillery pieces, but anything AT5 and FP2+ is brilliant!
Lastly I did a pair of Pak38's not the most amazing unit, but required.
Well that's a little update, just got some faust armed figures and some ski troops and the project is over!


  1. Really like the weathering on the tanks. Are you using a subtractive technique? (like salt or hairspray) to chip the paint up like that?

    1. Yeah toothpaste! Will put up more details soon

    2. Is it whitening toothpaste? Ha ha haaa

  2. Some of your best stuff yet. Love this weathering technique.