Tuesday, 28 October 2014

New Beginnings and Every Wargamers Dream!

Hey all! Matt here and this is my first post for Breakthrough Assault. Yay!

In fact, I've just had an entire week of 'first times' come to think of it; My one year old daughter has just taken her first few steps and popped her first baby teeth, I was best man at my mates wedding, had hot and sour soup from the Chinese takeaway for the first time last night... oh yes and I've just bought a house (and got permission to build a 'Man Cave') Boom!
So given these hectic times I don't have too much to talk about armies/ painting wise, so let's talk about THE Man Cave! 

The idea of having this room has long been in the making - in fact my wife and I had it agreed weeks before we had even put a bid in on the house! It's taken blackmail, bribery (on both sides) and a few terms and conditions thrown in but in the end we thrashed out a deal that suits all parties.
Always always always get your man cave legally bound before moving house!
So I've already knocked down the wall into the cupboard next door (who needs cupboards right?!) which gives me an extra 3 foot of space - much needed when trying to walk around the 6x4 games table. Now the next step is getting the electrics in the room done ie refitting the light switch and putting a power plug in the corner for the lighted display cabinet. Going to need an electrician for this as I don't trust myself and quite frankly wouldn't have a clue!
Picture shows the smashed through cupboard, providing much needed room around the table

After the electrics are sorted I can plaster, put some shelves up and paint the walls myself. Not certain on the colour scheme yet so any suggestions/ ideas are welcome. In addition I think a couple of giant WW2 posters/ frames would look cool. Does anybody know where I could get these from? I have shopped around a bit online, but can't find anything I like...

Once the walls are done, it's time to think about the flooring! Now this is a big decision. Do we go with hard wooden floors, for practical reasons ie moving tables and sliding terrain boxes around underneath the gaming table? Or carpets? Winner Dave made a very valid point about needing something to protect models should they fall (can't believe I didn't even consider that) and suggests rubber flooring so that they bounce straight back up without any damage (if only Dave!).

View from the old cupboard we have just knocked down!

So that's it for now. A work in progress indeed, but it's going to be fun seeing it transform into something special! Needless to say, if any of you guys are based near Maidstone, Kent and fancy a game, get in touch!

Thanks for reading. Updates to follow

Matt (Papa Bear) out


  1. Great looking project - building or remodeling a game room is always fun - will this be the area you paint in also?

  2. Exciting times indeed! I'd go with carpet, a lot nicer underfoot and much kinder on the models. It good at catching stray dice too. When I did my soon to be vacated game room I found some toy-soldier print fabric that my wife made into some blinds for the windows. Maybe something to consider when choosing a paint colour - find a fabric first and then pick a paint colour for the walls to go with it? Enjoy yourself! :-)

  3. Cork floor? I guess it rather depends on if you will be doing "work" in there or just storing and playing.

  4. Awesome. You won't know yourself with a Man Cave. Lucky fella.


  5. Thanks guys! Yes I intend to paint models in here. I have just bought a nice desk (which fits into the corner of the old cupboard). In the end I decided to get the same carpets as were fitted around the rest of the rooms in the house - easier! Will update with more photos once the walls have been plastered. Matt

  6. http://www.allposters.com/-sp/Winston-Churchill-Says-We-Deserve-Victory-Posters_i1883160_.htm