Monday, 27 October 2014

New Additions to the Team

Hi All

We at Breakthrough Assault are expanding and we'd like to introduce you all to our newest team members. In no particular order we have:-

Matt "Papa Bear" Pullen -

After becoming a proud stay at home Dad in late 2013 Matt has been able to devote a lot more time into the hobby. Needless to say he doesn't miss those wretched night shifts and is now only half as grumpy as he used to be (which is actually still pretty grumpy compared to most standards)!

Favourite Army: Panzergrenadiers/ German Armoured Reconnaissance (Aufklaungs)

Best Wargaming Moment: Defeating Marc at Art of War and then the huge debate on the way home after as to what holds more 'prestige' - me winning our head to head game, or him finishing higher in the rankings!

Worst blunder: Not listening to any advice regarding tigers and panthers (both in the same list) being too expensive for tournament play. I certainly learnt that the hard way!

Ed "Fez-Man" Turner -

Not one to do things by halves, Eddie has only been on the UK flames of war scene for over a year, but during that time has bought his own unique brand of ‘Hobby Hardcore’ to the community, building and painting new armies for every tournament he has attended – this is set to continue through 2015, as his Girlfriend has demanded he reduce his lead pile to prevent another ‘Hobby-launche’.

Favourite Army: Early War Fallschirmjager Luftlandesturm (Glider troops)
Best Wargaming moment: Going full Hummel

Biggest Wargaming Blunder: Letting Adam win 7-0 due to careless Carius Jagdtiger placement

Marc Attwell -

Marc is the real life Sir Humphrey of the group.  When he isn't stalking the corridors of power he likes nothing more than coming up with whacky fun armies for the table.  So far he's gone all in with Early War Polish Cavalry with the train and a Vichy French Foreign Legion with camels and a Desert Fort. 

Favourite Army: Panzer Lehr from Panzers to the Meuse.  Spearheading Panzer IVs assaulting you on the first turn, what's not to like?!

Best Wargaming Moment:  Getting Most Sporting Player two tournaments in a row.  Being recognised by your peers as the "good guy" to play against in a competitive setting is really humbling.  And no, I didn't come last either!

Worst Wargaming Blunder:  Forgetting I had a platoon of 8 rads hiding behind a building which could have swooped on my opponents unguarded objective at any time.  The game timed out an hour later and we both got a draw and I only realised my mistake on the way home.  Doh!!

I hope you will all join me in welcoming them to this little blog and hopefully you will enjoy their contributions.

Thanks Ben


  1. Welcome aboard guys. Looking forward to even more diversity and content!

    1. Diverse is one word for it! More content we certainly have, we'll try to make it good content :-) Thanks for reading! Fez

  2. A great light hearted post with some funny wargamer storys. Welcome to the new contributors.

    1. Cheers, and thanks for reading! Fez

  3. Matt, what happened to your Blog Site?? I don't see anything on it anymore...

  4. Hi Michael. I will be keeping my own blog, but using it mainly as a hub for eBay listings /current paint jobs. Otherwise all other write-ups/posts (from me) will appear on Breakthrough Assault.