Wednesday, 22 October 2014

Shattered Battlefield and Large Craters and Ruined House Review

Hey folks

Recently I bought the latest terrain products from Battlefront designed with The Great War in mind.  I wanted these as I didn't think I'd find the time to getting around to making my own and as we all know by now, these come pre-painted ready to go.
Starting with the Large craters and ruined house...unboxing.
You get two large craters, a ruined house, a bag of static grass and a bag of flock, which is pretty standard for BF now.
First impressions are, I need more large craters, two just isn't going to look good on the battlefield.  I really love the ruined building.  The rubble is cool, although it does mean your bases will sit proud of the floor...but I'm not sure how much time your troops will spend sitting in it...I think it'll mostly be decorative.

Pricing-wise, I think it's okay. It's just on the border between "I'll buy one box and make do" and "I'll have two boxes please."  No doubt in the future I'll pick up a second set, but I'm not rushing to do it.  I'd have preferred 3 craters, ruined house and pay a bit more...but there you go.
The finish of the craters is simple, not much to write home about.  The ruined house on the other hand is real nice.  A closer inspection reveals bullet holes, broken window shutters in the rubble and a decent amount of detailing on the broken walls.  (Although the people who lived here didn't have the benefits of cavity walls).  A nice addition to your scenery collection, but by no means essential.
In conclusion I'd say this is a nice way to start your Great War terrain collection, but you're going to want to flesh it out a bit with some cheaper/home-made craters.

On to the Shattered Battlefield box.
Inside...well packaged.
You get the by now familiar two shapes that you get with boxes of trees.  The familiar static grass and flock.  Four tree stumped areas and 4 water pooled areas.  Wait a minute! That fit's in very nicely with my basing's like I had a plan :)

I've had a bad experience with Battlefield in a Box trees before, where the back weren't dry and never did dry out.  I'm pleased too report no such problems with these fellas and imagine they are going to see a lot of use.

You get enough tree stumps and boggy bits to fill a third base if you wanted (and I probably will).

Same price as the craters and ruined house, so again for me not cheap enough to grab 2 boxes, but pretty close.

With these, trench lines and, barbed wire obstacles you should be able to fill a 4x4 quite comfortably and achieve something that passers-by will stop and take note of.

Overall, I'm pretty happy with my purchases, I could have made my own, but for the effort and the price of these...nah just buy em!

Very tempted to set a board up...half a mo chum!

Yeah, so laying it out, there's just enough to play on, but definitely room for more.  Quite happy to fill out the gaps with my existing "WW2" terrain.
Where the action will happen
Bit of open space at the back.
Cool, well I hope that's given you some insight into the new stuff.



  1. very nice, and yes i agree with you not cheap enough for two,will have to get another one later.and they could have put one more creater in the box .